Make an optional switch to prevent couchapp from adding a couchapp-field in uploaded-docs #24

tisba opened this Issue Jan 12, 2010 · 4 comments


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Using the document-upload-feature from couchapp by throwing .json files in _docs makes couchapp adding a "couchapp: {}" field to each doc. It would be nice, if this behavior could be disabled.


What is the point of this added field? If none then I would be in favour of removing it also.


Is there any options to deactivate it on _docs and the _design files as well?
I know in these cases it is supposed to track back the way to the right file structure, but what If I don't need the files extensions, it possible?

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the point of couchapp propery is to maintain coherence between apps. See it like a MANIFEST that you find in most of applications.

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I'd definitely like to find a different way to handle this than adding to the document(s) directly. Not quite sure yet what the options are, but I plan to look into it.


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