Optional "search_path" setting for couchapp push #6

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See: http://groups.google.com/group/couchapp/browse_thread/thread/7b596ec755830905 for original idea.

The main point is that it allows couchapps to be "inherited", something which can be quite powerful e.g. for creating variations of a couchapp without having to copy/paste.

Probably the best approach would be to have a directory _plugins/ or similar which acts as a search path by default when finding files to push. It would also be nice to have a "search_path" option for each "env" in .couchapprc.

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To summarize discussion of this morning I think a folder named _app_templates could be created on the root of the application. In this folder everyone could place a symlinkk or a complete folder. Rules applied on this folder will be : If something has the same name on root, the file on root will be used, if not it will be the file in app_templates.

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applications and functions templates are now in latest head. more details on this thread :

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