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CouchApp is a set of scripts designed to bring clarity and order to the freedom of CouchDB’s document-based approach.

Migrating Docs

To whom it may concern (or really whoever may care :wink:), we’re in the process of collecting the bits of CouchApp and related documentation and putting them into the `doc` folder of the repo at

Sources of docs to migration are:
– this wiki
– [’s copy of](
– other places on the Web

Goal is to get a fork-able, downloadable, less-destructible copy of CouchApp information into the world somewhere. Once is back in operation (under Apache CouchDB oversight), these docs will head there for a permanent home.

If you’d like to help, toss documentation, tutorials, etc. into the `doc` folder of the `couchapp` repo.


The Python `couchapp` tool created a pattern for mapping filesystem contents to a Design Document. Many other tools (erica,, grunt-couch) have followed suite. So far, it’s the closest thing to a “spec” for what a CouchApp looks like in a repo.

Other formats exist, but are generally language specific. Finding, documenting, and implementing common patterns like the Filesystem Mapping, will help us grow as a community.

Community resources


For install instructions please refer to the Manual section.

Apps Using CouchApp

In the Apps section you can find applications based upon CouchApp. We invite you to add yours …

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