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There are a few apps out there already using CouchApp. Please add yours to the list with a short description if you’re using it too.


Nymphormation is a Couchapp that allow people to share links.


Sofa is a blog and showcases the potential of pure CouchDB applications. It should provide an easy way for people to put their thoughts online, anywhere there’s a running Couch. It’s just HTML, JavaScript and the magic of CouchDB.


A real time CouchDB chat demo

CouchDB Twitter Client

A Twitter Client hosted by your local CouchDB

CouchDB Contact Form

A contact form couchapp

Boom Amazing

A couchapp that lets you run a presentations by panning and zooming in an svg file

CouchDB Example Wiki

Example implementation of a wiki in all ruby couchdb frameworks

CouchDB Example Calendar

  • Updated version of the calendar, with support for timezones, repeat events, CouchDB 0.11.0, and the new couchapp framework (evently, couchdb sessions):
    git: git://

Processing JS Studio

Web-based application to store Processing JS sketches and renderings. Storage and service provided by CouchDB via CouchApp


Application Logging tool. Uses a CouchDB backend with a CouchApp-based interface for sorting through log entries and troubleshooting/debugging applications. Leverages schema-less approach to allow log entries to contain structured meta-information to aid in troubleshooting


A ‘tutorial couchapp’ inspired by There is no service layer and makes limited use of javascript on the client side.


A CouchApp for language learning. Lets you train vocabularies and solve different kinds of games/tests.

Couch Crawler

A CouchDB search engine and crawler

CouchApp User Authentication Demo

Working demo of how to set up user authentication in a CouchApp. Requires CouchDB 0.11.