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The android empty app.
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Empty App

EmptyApp is minimal application that can be used to verify your installation works correctly.


EmptyApp requires Android-Couchbase to run, you can find this @, Follow the intructions for Use existing application to make sure EmptyApp works with your Android-Couchbase library.


Right click the EmptyApp project and select Run As -> Android Application, the installation should take around a minute and in the log you should see:

V/Couchbase( 1505): Apache CouchDB has started. Time to relax.
V/Couchbase( 1505): [info] [<0.41.0>] Apache CouchDB has started on
V/EmptyApp( 1505): Couchbase has started
V/Couchbase( 1505): =PROGRESS REPORT==== 16-Aug-2011::16:47:38 ===
V/Couchbase( 1505):          application: couch
V/Couchbase( 1505):           started_at: nonode@nohost
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