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import platform
import json
import shutil
import urllib
import tarfile
import os
class FileUtil(object):
def does_it_exist(path):
return True
except IOError as e:
return False
class ConsoleLogger(object):
def info(sth):
print('info - %s' % (sth))
def error(sth):
print('error - %s' % (sth))
def give_up():
class DependenyResolver(object):
__dependencies = None
__depot_type = None
__depot_location = None
__dependency_iterator = None
__manifest = None
def __init__(self, manifest, depot_base):
# parse the manifest file , then populate
# the file names based on the target operating system
# then return an iterator which can be invoked by the
# caller to download each dependency and extract them
# parse the manifest file
# get the operating system information
self.__manifest = manifest
self.__depot_location = depot_base
if self.__depot_location :
if self.__depot_location.startswith('http'):
self.__depot_type = 'http'
self.__depot_type = 'file'
# create a string ${name}-${tag}-${os}.tar.gz
# then create a iterable list and add these dependencies there
# parse the manifest file and return list of dependencies
def resolve(self):
self.__dependencies = self._parse_dependencies(open(self.__manifest).read())
dependencies = []
projects = self.__dependencies['projects']
for name in projects:
return dependencies
def _get_os_info(self):
# info has 'arch', 'os', 'distribution' and 'version'
info = {}
info['arch'] = platform.machine()
os_string = platform.platform().lower()
if os_string.startswith('darwin') and os_string.find('x86_64') >= 0:
info['os'] = 'mac'
info['arch'] = 'x86_64'
elif os_string.startswith('linux'):
info['os'] = 'linux'
if os_string.find('i686') >= 0:
info['arch'] = 'x86'
elif os_string.find('x86_64') >= 0:
info['arch'] = 'x86_64'
if os_string.find('ubuntu') >= 0:
info['distribution'] = 'ubuntu'
elif os_string.find('redhat') >= 0:
info['distribution'] = 'redhat'
elif os_string.startswith('cygwin'):
info['os'] = 'windows'
if os_string.find('32-bit') >= 0:
info['arch'] = 'x86'
elif os_string.find('wow64') >= 0:
info['arch'] = 'x86_64'
return info
def download(self, dependency, destination):'downloading from %s' % (self.__depot_location))'downloading %s to %s' % (dependency['binary'],
if self.__depot_type == 'http':
return self._download_web(dependency, destination)
elif self.__depot_type == 'file':
return self._download_local(dependency, destination)
return None
def _download_web(self, dependency, destination):
url = '%s/%s' % (self.__depot_location, dependency['binary'])
web = urllib.urlopen(url)
target = '%s/%s' % (destination, dependency['binary'])
local = open(target, 'w')'downloading %s' % (url))
return target
def _download_local(self, dependency, destination):
#copy the file from dependency['path'] to destination
# check if the file exists
source = '%s/%s' % (self.__depot_location, dependency['binary'])
target = '%s/%s' % (destination, dependency['binary'])
shutil.copyfile(source, target)
return target
def _extract_mac(self, file, destination):'extracting %s to %s' % (file, destination))
tar =
def _extract_windows(self, file, destination):'extracting %s to %s' % (file, destination))
tar =
def _extract_linux(self, file, destination):'extracting %s to %s' % (file, destination))
tar =
def extract(self, dependency, destination):
machine = self._get_os_info()
if machine['os'] == 'mac':
self._extract_mac(dependency, destination)
elif machine['os'] == 'windows':
self._extract_windows(dependency, destination)
elif machine['os'] == 'linux':
self._extract_linux(dependency, destination)
#extract the dependency to the target location
#raise NotSupportedPlatformException()
return None
def __decode_list(self, data):
rv = []
for item in data:
if isinstance(item, unicode):
item = item.encode('utf-8')
elif isinstance(item, list):
item = self.__decode_list(item)
elif isinstance(item, dict):
item = self._decode_dict(item)
return rv
def __decode_dict(self, data):
rv = {}
for key, value in data.iteritems():
if isinstance(key, unicode):
key = key.encode('utf-8')
if isinstance(value, unicode):
value = value.encode('utf-8')
elif isinstance(value, list):
value = self.__decode_list(value)
elif isinstance(value, dict):
value = self.__decode_dict(value)
rv[key] = value
return rv
def _parse_dependencies(self, dependencies):
os_info = self._get_os_info()
dj = json.loads(dependencies, object_hook=self.__decode_dict)
#if os and arch match and we can't find a version
#match let's use that
best_match = None
for d in dj:
os_match = d['os'] == os_info['os'] or d['os'] == os_info['distribution']
version_match = 'version' in os_info and (d['version'] == os_info['version'])
arch_match = d['arch'] == os_info['arch']
if os_match and arch_match:
best_match = d
if version_match:
return d
return best_match
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