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#!/usr/bin/env python
import memcacheConstants
import pump
class GenSource(pump.Source):
"""Generates simple SET/GET workload, useful for basic testing.
./cbtransfer gen:
./cbtransfer gen:max-items=50000,min-value-size=10,exit-after-creates=1,\
prefix=steve1-,ratio-sets=1.0 \ -B my-other-bucket --threads=10
def __init__(self, opts, spec, source_bucket, source_node,
source_map, sink_map, ctl, cur):
super(GenSource, self).__init__(opts, spec, source_bucket, source_node,
source_map, sink_map, ctl, cur)
self.done = False
self.body = None
self.cur_ops = source_map['cfg']['cur-ops']
self.cur_gets = source_map['cfg']['cur-gets']
self.cur_sets = source_map['cfg']['cur-sets']
self.cur_items = source_map['cfg']['cur-items']
def can_handle(opts, spec):
"""The gen spec follows gen:[key=value[,key=value]] format."""
return spec.startswith("gen:")
def check(opts, spec):
rv, cfg = GenSource.parse_spec(opts, spec)
if rv != 0:
return rv, None
return 0, {'cfg': cfg,
'spec': spec,
'buckets': [{'name': 'default',
'nodes': [{'hostname': 'N/A-' + str(i)}
for i in range(opts.threads)]}]}
def parse_spec(opts, spec):
"""Parse the comma-separated key=value configuration from the gen spec.
Names and semantics were inspired from subset of mcsoda parameters."""
cfg = {'cur-ops': 0,
'cur-gets': 0,
'cur-sets': 0,
'cur-items': 0,
'exit-after-creates': 0,
'max-items': 10000,
'min-value-size': 10,
'prefix': "",
'ratio-sets': 0.05}
for kv in spec[len("gen:"):].split(','):
if kv:
k = kv.split('=')[0].strip()
v = kv.split('=')[1].strip()
if k in cfg:
cfg[k] = type(cfg[k])(v)
return "error: unknown workload gen parameter: %s" % (k), None
except ValueError:
return "error: could not parse value from: %s" % (kv), None
return 0, cfg
def provide_design(opts, source_spec, source_bucket, source_map):
"""No design from a GenSource."""
return 0, None
def provide_batch(self):
"""Provides a batch of messages, with GET/SET ratios and keys
controlled by a mcsoda-inspired approach, but simpler."""
if self.done:
return 0, None
cfg = self.source_map['cfg']
prefix = cfg['prefix']
max_items = cfg['max-items']
ratio_sets = cfg['ratio-sets']
exit_after_creates = cfg['exit-after-creates']
if not self.body:
self.body = "0" * cfg['min-value-size']
batch = pump.Batch(self)
batch_max_size = self.opts.extra['batch_max_size']
batch_max_bytes = self.opts.extra['batch_max_bytes']
vbucket_id = 0x0000ffff
cas, exp, flg = 0, 0, 0
while (batch.size() < batch_max_size and
batch.bytes < batch_max_bytes):
if ratio_sets >= float(self.cur_sets) / float(self.cur_ops or 1):
self.cur_sets = self.cur_sets + 1
cmd = memcacheConstants.CMD_TAP_MUTATION
if self.cur_items < max_items:
key = self.cur_items
self.cur_items = self.cur_items + 1
key = self.cur_sets % self.cur_items
self.cur_gets = self.cur_gets + 1
cmd = memcacheConstants.CMD_GET
key = self.cur_gets % self.cur_items
self.cur_ops = self.cur_ops + 1
msg = (cmd, vbucket_id, prefix + str(key), flg, exp, cas, '', self.body)
batch.append(msg, len(self.body))
if exit_after_creates and self.cur_items >= max_items:
self.done = True
return 0, batch
if batch.size() <= 0:
return 0, None
return 0, batch
def total_msgs(opts, source_bucket, source_node, source_map):
"""Returns max-items only if exit-after-creates was specified.
Else, total msgs is unknown as GenSource does not stop generating."""
if source_map['cfg']['exit-after-creates']:
return 0, source_map['cfg']['max-items']
return 0, None
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