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Updated README to map up to the 1.1 DP state.

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@@ -28,13 +28,16 @@ a getting started guide and a tutorial.
-Note that the 1.0 version does not support Couchbase Views. Suppport
-for views is in version 1.1 and later. See the [preview page][4] on
-the website for more information on obtaining the 1.1 client. It may
-also be found in the master branch (as of this writing) on github.
+Note that this 1.1 preview has support for Couchbase Views which are
+new to Couchbase Server 2.0. This portion of the API is still being
+developed and undergoing changes. See the [preview page][4] on the
+website for more information on obtaining and using the 1.1 previews
+or look to the [documentation][5] on the Couchbase website. Source
+code repositories be found in the master branch [on github][6].

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