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Changed spy jar configuration to default

We changed this in spymemcached during the release so that it would
be added as a normal compile time dependency for users who add the
spy dependency to their pom files. I changed it in the pom config but
not in the project config that we use for development.

Change-Id: I34175919faec283d993a57f9a2b5f15646ccce0b
Reviewed-by: Raghavan N. Srinivas <>
Tested-by: Michael Wiederhold <>
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1 parent b5d59c1 commit 1a3c1cf90eb8a5b7c83daa785db41519bc31b1a8 Mike Wiederhold committed with mikewied Jan 31, 2012
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4 ivy.xml
@@ -65,9 +65,9 @@ SOFTWARE.
<dependency org="junit-addons" name="junit-addons"
rev="${junit-addons.version}" conf="common->master" />
<dependency org="spy" name="spymemcached"
- rev="${spymemcached.version}" conf="common->master"/>
+ rev="${spymemcached.version}" conf="common->default"/>
<dependency org="spy" name="spymemcached-test"
- rev="${spymemcached-test.version}" conf="common->master" />
+ rev="${spymemcached-test.version}" conf="common->default" />
<dependency org="checkstyle" name="checkstyle" rev="${checkstyle.version}"
conf="checkstyle->default" />
<dependency org="" name="findbugs"

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