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Exception in JS sync function when put empty doc for requireAccess tests #137

andreibaranouski opened this Issue · 4 comments

3 participants

test("requireAccess, put empty doc", function(t){
  // try to put empty doc for coolio user
  var doc = {}
  coax.put([userUrl, "db", "cooliosdoc50"], doc, function(err, ok){
    console.log("put1 for coolio user", err)
    t.ok(err, "shouldn't allow write empty doc(without any grands")
    t.ok(err.error=='Forbidden', "wrong error response for empty doc, expected:{ error: 'Forbidden', reason: 'wrong user' }")      

not sure of the expected response in this case, but also the server response is incorrect

18:06:28.416555 HTTP:  #007: PUT /db/cooliosdoc50  (as coolio)
18:06:28.486407 WARNING: Sync fn exception: TypeError; doc = map[_rev:1-ca9ad22802b66f662ff171f226211d5c _id:cooliosdoc50] -- db.(*Database).getChannelsAndAccess() at crud.go:534
18:06:28.486466 HTTP:  #007:     --> 500 Exception in JS sync function
put1 for coolio user { error: 'Internal Server Error',
  reason: 'Exception in JS sync function' }

ok 10 shouldn't allow write empty doc(without any grands
not ok 11 wrong error response for empty doc, expected:{ error: 'Forbidden', reason: 'wrong user' }
    file:   /Users/andrei/couchbase_src/cblite-tests/node_modules/coax/node_modules/hoax/lib/hoax-core.js
    line:   19
    column: 11
      - getCaller (/Users/andrei/couchbase_src/cblite-tests/node_modules/tap/lib/tap-assert.js:418:17)
      - Function.assert (/Users/andrei/couchbase_src/cblite-tests/node_modules/tap/lib/tap-assert.js:21:16)
      - Test._testAssert [as ok] (/Users/andrei/couchbase_src/cblite-tests/node_modules/tap/lib/tap-test.js:87:16)
      - /Users/andrei/couchbase_src/cblite-tests/tests/sync-function.js:178:4
@jchris jchris was assigned

Chris, maybe we just have to handle this situation in sync-function? If so, then I just will update its


I'm confused. Isn't this a gateway bug, not Couchbase Lite? And if it's a bug in the function, shouldn't the bug be closed?


it can be closed because test sync_function does not handle the creation of empty documents( when doc.channels is not specified).

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