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This is the place to discuss development and contribution to Couchbase Lite for iOS. You’ll find pages about coding style and running the tests. There are also pages about experimental features (either things that are still in the design phase, or things that are checked in on a branch.) As the features become adopted into the product, their content will move to official documentation.

Get Started

Tech Notes

These are informal documents describing features that aren’t yet part of the standard cross-platform API. (They’re supported features, just not available on other platforms yet.)

Bleeding-Edge Features

These should become available in the next major release (currently 1.2) but we can’t make promises. Right now you’ll need to check out and build the code yourself.

Community and Contributing

Working On Couchbase Lite

Sprint status:

Demo Apps

Other demos:

  • Grocery Sync — The classic demo, a syncable shopping list for iOS. Shows how to display documents in a table view and how to configure replication.
  • Tunes — An iTunes library browser for Mac OS. Shows how to use grouping and reduce functions to drill down into hierarchically-structured data.
  • TouchWiki — A wiki client for iOS. A larger demo that shows how to model documents as Objective-C classes, how to save local drafts of changes, and has a fairly sophisticated replication UI.

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