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NCBC-1346: Remove unsupported LookupInBuilder.Exists test

As part of the DataStructures API integration tests were added to test
different scenarios. One of the tests is to verify in a document with
an array of strings, LoookupInBuilder.Exists can find a given value.
This is not a supported operation where LookupInBuilder.Exists can only
verify of a object property exits.

The failing test should be removed.

- Remove the LookupIn_Exists integration test

Integration test for an unsupported operation are no longer executed
and fail.

Change-Id: Icb44f4475fd8e0c7640ab980441dd1562d92d64f
Tested-by: Mike Goldsmith <>
Reviewed-by: Jeffry Morris <>
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MikeGoldsmith authored and jeffrymorris committed Mar 3, 2017
1 parent 2d2854f commit 1045f37881b2c84361690743ca82e8a3a5b570cd
Showing with 0 additions and 16 deletions.
  1. +0 −16 Src/Couchbase.IntegrationTests/CouchbaseBucket_SubDocument_Tests.cs
@@ -1206,22 +1206,6 @@ public void LookupIn_Count(bool useMutation)
Assert.AreEqual(2, result.Count());
public void LookupIn_Exists(bool useMutation)
var key = "LookupIn_SingleOp_Exists";
_bucket.Upsert(key, new List<string>{ "foo", "bar", "baz", "faz", "foz" });
var builder = _bucket.LookupIn<dynamic>(key).Exists("\"bar\"");
var result = builder.Execute();
#region XATTRs
private const string XAttrsNotSupported = "XATTRs not supported.";

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