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added dictionary processing to Bucket.set()

Change-Id: I5e11e72853314f35d8807737af888d1d191551cf
Reviewed-by: Pavel Paulau <>
Tested-by: Benjamin Young <>
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1 parent d3796c7 commit 47a01a546a979de7335ca3aca2332e5da08f712e @BigBlueHat BigBlueHat committed with Benjamin Young Aug 29, 2012
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@@ -214,6 +214,8 @@ def decr(self, key, amt=1, init=0, exp=0):
return self.mc_client.decr(key, amt, init, exp)
def set(self, key, expiration, flags, value):
+ if isinstance(value, dict):
+ value = json.dumps(value)
return self.mc_client.set(key, expiration, flags, value)
def add(self, key, exp, flags, val):

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