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create_view -> create_design_doc #5

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The method currently calls RestClient.create_view, which doesn't exist. This patch calls RestClient.create_design_doc instead.


So... any chance of this getting pulled in? The python client is unusable without being able to create views.

no reason to pull, this has already been fixed. please check and close the pull


Currently it's design_create in the new API

@ingenthr ingenthr closed this
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@@ -284,7 +284,7 @@ def save(self, document):
view = key.split('/')[1]
rest = self.server._rest()
- rest.create_view(self.bucket_name, view, json.dumps(value))
+ rest.create_design_doc(self.bucket_name, view, json.dumps(value))
if '_rev' in value:
# couchbase works in clobber mode so for a "set" _rev is useless
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