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+We've decided to use "gerrit" for our code review system, making it
+easier for all of us to contribute with code and comments.
+ 1. Visit and "Register" for an account
+ 2. Review
+ 3. Agree to agreement by visiting
+ 4. If you do not receive an email, please contact us
+ 5. Check out the `couchbase-ruby-client` area,n,z
+ 6. Join us on IRC at #libcouchbase on Freenode :-)
+We normally don't go looking for stuff in gerrit, so you should add at
+least me `"Sergey Avseyev" <>` as a reviewer
+for your patch (and I'll know who else to add and add them for you).
+## Contributing Using Repo Tool
+Follow ["Uploading Changes" guide][1] on the site if you have some code to contribute.
+All you should need to set up your development environment should be:
+ ~ % mkdir couchbase-ruby
+ ~ % cd couchbase-ruby
+ ~/couchbase-ruby % repo init -u git:// -m ruby.xml
+ ~/couchbase-ruby % repo sync
+ ~/couchbase-ruby % repo start my-branch-name --all
+ ~/couchbase-ruby % make
+This will build the latest version of `libcouchbase`,
+`couchbase-ruby-client` and `couchbase-ruby-client` libraries. You must
+have a C and C++ compiler installed, automake, autoconf.
+If you have to make any changes just commit them before you upload
+them to gerrit with the following command:
+ ~/couchbase-ruby/client % repo upload
+You might experience a problem trying to upload the patches if you've
+selected a different login name at than
+your login name. Don't worry, all you need to do is to add the
+following to your ~/.gitconfig file:
+ [review ""]
+ username = YOURNAME
+## Contributing Using Plain Git
+If you not so familiar with repo tool and its workflow there is
+alternative way to do the same job. Lets assume you have installed
+couchbase gem and libcouchbase from official packages and would you to
+contribute to couchbase-client gem only. Then you just need to complete
+gerrit registration steps above and clone the source repository
+(remember the repository on is just a mirror):
+ ~ % git clone ssh://
+Install [`commit-msg` hook][2]:
+ ~/couchbase-ruby-client % scp -p -P 29418 .git/hooks/
+Make your changes and upload them for review:
+ ~/couchbase-ruby-client % git commit
+ ~/couchbase-ruby-client % git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master
+If you need to fix or add something to your patch, do it and re-upload
+the changes (all you need is to keep `Change-Id:` line the same to
+allow gerrit to track the patch.
+ ~/couchbase-ruby-client % git commit --amend
+ ~/couchbase-ruby-client % git push origin HEAD:refs/for/master
+Happy hacking!

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