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Allow "versioned" names of the auto-tools to be used

Previously bootstrap required aclocal/automake to be available as
"aclocal" and "automake", but some platforms allows multiple versions
of these tools to be installed and makes them available as

This patch extends the bootstrap script to try to search for various
names for the tools.

Change-Id: I504fcd131a25dcc775e67517dd51b474d86c600d
Reviewed-by: Jan Lehnardt <>
Tested-by: Jan Lehnardt <>
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1 parent 528c634 commit 46d76555d11b77fd7a4322712f1f1b33d1c60849 @trondn trondn committed Aug 9, 2011
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  1. +35 −9 bootstrap
@@ -48,16 +48,42 @@ fi
gunzip -c m4/ac_check_icu.m4.gz > m4/ac_check_icu.m4
gunzip -c m4/ac_check_curl.m4.gz > m4/ac_check_curl.m4
-if test -x "`which glibtoolize 2> /dev/null || true`"; then
- glibtoolize -f -c --automake
- libtoolize -f -c --automake
+# Seach a list of names for the first occurence of a program.
+# Some systems may use aclocal-1.10, others may have aclocal etc.
+# Exit with status code 0 if the program exists (and print the
+# path to stdout), exit with status code 1 if it can't be
+# located
+find_program() {
+ set +e
+ for f in "$@"
+ do
+ file=`which ${f} 2>/dev/null | grep -v '^no '`
+ if test -n "x${file}" -a -x "${file}"
+ then
+ echo ${file}
+ set -e
+ exit 0
+ fi
+ done
+ echo "Failed to locate required program:" 1>&2
+ echo "\t$@" 1>&2
+ set -e
+ exit 1
+LIBTOOLIZE=`find_program glibtoolize libtoolize`
+ACLOCAL=`find_program aclocal-1.11 aclocal-1.10 aclocal-1.9 aclocal`
+AUTOHEADER=`find_program autoheader`
+AUTOMAKE=`find_program automake-1.11 automake-1.10 automake-1.9 automake`
+AUTOCONF=`find_program autoconf`
-aclocal -I m4
-autoheader -f
-automake -f -a 2>&1 | sed -e "/install/d"
-autoconf -f
+${LIBTOOLIZE} -f -c --automake
+${ACLOCAL} -I m4
+${AUTOMAKE} -f -a 2>&1 | sed -e "/install/d"
ln -f -s "`dirname \`readlink build-aux/missing\``/INSTALL"

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