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MB-6141: Update doxygen config with correct source directories

Change-Id: I2bdbb4b769833daef3b73adcdfdd08598465ee2d
Reviewed-by: Chiyoung Seo <>
Tested-by: Chiyoung Seo <>
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1 parent d34de53 commit 298d038a09e223dfd4cc9fc636f80da588cc81f3 @mikewied mikewied committed with chiyoung
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@@ -574,7 +574,7 @@ WARN_LOGFILE =
# directories like "/usr/src/myproject". Separate the files or directories
# with spaces.
+INPUT = src/ src/atomic src/blackhole-kvstore src/couch-kvstore
# This tag can be used to specify the character encoding of the source files
# that doxygen parses. Internally doxygen uses the UTF-8 encoding, which is

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