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Skip memcached bucket details

Since we don't catch and analyze memcached stats, it is no use
to show reports on memcached bucket
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commit 1ecd9a9fb1039c6ed1473eaead8ebf9224e8f1c2 1 parent 736e2b1
Bin Cui bcui6611 authored
Showing with 7 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +7 −0 reports/template.tmpl
7 reports/template.tmpl
@@ -69,7 +69,11 @@
<td><a href="#bucket_${bucket}">$bucket</a></td>
+ #if $bucket_list[$bucket]["type"] == "memcached"
+ <td class="$bucket_status[0]">$bucket_status[1]</td>
+ #else
<td class="$bucket_status[0]"><a href="#${bucket_list[$bucket]["anchor"]}">$bucket_status[1]</a></td>
+ #end if
#end for
@@ -125,6 +129,9 @@
<h3>Bucket metrics</h3>
#for $bucket in sorted($bucket_list.keys())
+ #if $bucket_list[$bucket]["type"] == "memcached"
+ #continue
+ #end if
#set $status = $bucket_list[$bucket]["status"]
<a name="bucket_${bucket}"/>
<p class="bucket">
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