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Custom Extensions Example

This Maven project is a template you can use for developing your own custom extension classes for Kafka Connect Couchbase.

You can customize the behavior of the Couchbase Source Connector by providing your own SourceHandler implementation. A custom SourceHandler can skip certain messages, route messages to different topics, or change the content and format of the messages.

The Sink Connector can modify incoming documents by applying Single Message Transforms. This project includes an example of a custom transform you can modify to suit your needs in case Kafka's built-in transforms are insufficient.

Build and Install the Example Extensions

Run mvn package to build the custom extensions JAR. Copy the JAR from the target directory into the same directory as kafka-connect-couchabse-<version>.jar. (In the Quickstart guide this directory is referred to as $KAFKA_CONNECT_COUCHBASE_HOME.)

NOTE: Don't forget to copy the JAR every time you change the Java code.

The source code of each extension includes Javadoc with instructions for configuring the connector to use the extension.

If you get stuck, help is available on the Couchbase Forum.

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