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libcouchbase (2.0.0beta) stable; urgency=low
[Mark Nunberg]
* Make tests more modular
* Add HTTP tests
* Remove keys before testing miss
* Don't use strdup for http path
* Divide unit tests into categories and place them in their own files
* add mget hit/miss test
* Initialize counter for arithmetic tests before each test
* Instantiate the mock only once
* Determine cluster version
* Test lock and unlock commands
* Document tests with Doxygen
* "Pack" the backup node list (remove holes)
* Add lcb_get_server_list
* Fix breakage on older automakes
* Fix bug where method is not set
* PUT/POST requests without a body are an error
* Allow tests to be run against a real cluster
[Sergey Avseyev]
* Reformat code
* The threshold for expiration is 30 days
* CCBC-90 Fix initialization of backup nodes array
* CCBC-91 Reset timer for commands with NOT_MY_VBUCKET response
* CCBC-91 Fix switching to backup node in case of server outage
* Update metadata for release 1.0.5
* Merge branch 'release10'
* CCBC-92 release ringbuffer in libcouchbase_purge_single_server
* Unify HTTP interface
* Deliver HTTP headers via callbacks
* Fix warning (fixes build on macos)
* libcouchbase_cancel_http_request should only cancel request
* Fix mingw build
* Enable silent rules by default
* View requests should always use bucket auth
* Update metadata for release 1.0.6
* Merge branch 'release10'
* Fix windows build
* Merge lcb_get_locked into lcb_get function
* Return result code instead of request handle
* CCBC-96 Correct buffer length for POST/PUT headers
* Revert "Fix breakage on older automakes"
* Fix locking keys in multi-get mode
* CCBC-98 Differentiate between TMPFAILs
* Fix build breakage with --disable-couchbasemock
* Include config.h in
* Remove cbc symlinks with 'make uninstall'
* Do not include targets written in C++ if the compiler missing
* Declare package task for windows build
* Put arch and CC version into package name
* do not reset PATH in NMakefile
* Leave windows packages into workspace
* Do not require body for POST and PUT
* Implement RESTful flush in cbc toolset
* Implement getter for number of nodes in the cluster
* Move timeout into generic test src list
[Trond Norbye]
* Fix compile errors caused by sign issues
* CCBC-89: Release the memory allocated by the http parser
* Remove unused code
* Run some of the mock tests through gtest
* Fix memory leak in config-test
* Remove double_free_test macros
* Move plugins to separate sub directories
* Fix problem with allocating too few slots in the backup_nodes
* Bundle libvbucket
* Fix make dist target
* Remove unused include
* Move 'plugin headers' to a local directory
* Fix build with libyajl available
* Fix win32 build (Add strings.h)
* Add --enable-m32 and --enable-m64
* Prevent automake to inject -g -O2 if cflags isn't set
* Fix build break introduced by setting the variables too early
* Don't try to build the unit tests without gtest
* Fixed warnings reported with -Werror=cast-align
* Download gtest if you don't have it
* Fix alignment for sparc platforms
* Sync memcached/protocol_binary.h
* Add an extended get callback
* Fix compile reported with --enable-werror
* CCBC-80: Default to IPv4 only
* Fix typo for crc32 CPPFLAGS
* Include sys/types.h
* Include sys/uio.h
* Refactor the API
* Don't use static inline in header
* Update the readme with the refactoring blogpost
* Add --enable-wconversion flag
* Add explicit cast to fix buildbreak
* Refactor: lcb_create_io_ops should take struct
* Refactor: lcb_create should use struct
* Refactor: server_version/stat should take struct
* Move lcb_strerror to the instance functions
* Refactor: verbosity should use struct
* Refactor: flush should use struct
* Fixup apidocs
* Fix plugin init
* Strip empty strings
* Remove mock-unit-tests.h
* Add a helper function to set a key
* Add a test case for get (success)
* Add testcase for remove
* Add testcase for Append/Prepend
* Add replace test
* Add cas replace test
* Added test for touch
* Create test for server_stat
* Add server version test
* Add flush test
* fixup review comments
* Move getopt test to gtest
* Use LCB instead of LIBCOUCHBASE
* Dump the servers in use when using real cluster
* Don't try to put the current node last in the backup list
* Split up mock-unit-test.h
* Refactor MockEnvironment to singleton
* The mockenv should provide createConnection
* Add docs target to run generate doxygen docs
* Make doxygen less chatty
* Remove obsolete doc file
* We should always include config.h
* Tests should finish within 5 minutes
* Added --enable-fat-binary
* Set .so-name to 2.0.0 for the release
-- Sergey Avseyev <> Thu, 13 Sep 2012 19:48:18 +0300
libcouchbase (1.1.0dp9) stable; urgency=low
[Sergey Avseyev]
* Render auth credentials for View requests
-- Sergey Avseyev <> Fri, 27 Jul 2012 23:52:41 +0300
libcouchbase (1.1.0dp8) stable; urgency=low
[Mark Nunberg]
* Clarify exp usage in mget
[Sergey Avseyev]
* Fix 'cbc-unlock' argument parser
* Remove spaces from output to simplify parsing
* Set completed flag when HTTP parser done its work
* Implement cbc-view command
* Remove couchview example: see cbc-view command
* Claim that server has data in buffers if there are HTTP requests pending
* Allow to specify HTTP method for cbc-view
* Rename HTTP callback
* Define separate pair of callbacks for management HTTP requests
* Separate HTTP callbacks for couch and management requests
* Fix the case when base doesn't has schema
* Preserve credentials for REST API
* Use credentials if they accessible
* Allow to specify content type for HTTP request
* Implement cbc-admin command
* Method fixup: return error for unsupported method
* Print more detailed message for HTTP endpoints
* Report unknown options for cbc-unlock command
* Add cbc-bucket-create command
* Add cbc-bucket-delete command
* Copy path because it could be deallocated by caller
* Fix signatures for microsoft compiler
* Update ep-engine/command_ids.h to get OBSERVE definition
* Store number of replicas
* Store distribution type
* Sync ep-engine/command_ids.h: CMD_OBSERVE now 0x92
* Add observe command
* Implement multiple timers for windows
* Implement general purpose timers
* Add -p and -r options to cbc-cp to control persistence
* Allow handlers to use command_data_st struct
* Read replica implementation
* Let users detect if the event loop running already
* Make libcouchbase_wait() re-entrable
* Check for breakout condition in timer callback
* Allow to breakout from event loop
* GET_REPLICA response includes the key
* Preserve command_data between attempts
* Use replica incremented replica number
* Pass pointer to command_data properly
* Allow user to get number of replicas
* Bind timeouts to server sockets instead of commands
* Destroy the timer with the server
* check cookie for NULL in storage callback
[Trond Norbye]
* CCBC-77: Use unique error code for ENOMEM on the client
* Remove unused variable
* Fixed warning about possible overflow
* Allow client to specify the verbosity level on the servers
-- Sergey Avseyev <> Fri, 27 Jul 2012 08:20:53 +0300
libcouchbase (1.1.0dp7) stable; urgency=low
[Sergey Avseyev]
* Extract HTTP client
* Implement function to execution management requests
* Reformat the
[Trond Norbye]
* Add support for notification callbacks for configuration changes
* Fix win32 make
-- Sergey Avseyev <> Tue, 19 Jun 2012 19:54:14 +0300
libcouchbase (1.1.0dp6) stable; urgency=low
[Sergey Avseyev]
* Fix guards for socket errno macros
* [cbc] Add suffix to command implementations
* cbc tool is depending on libvbucket now
* Define size_t types to fix MSVC 9 build
* MSVC 9 isn't C99, but has stddef.h, so just include it
* CCBC-71 Implement 'help' command for cbc tool
* CCBC-70 Close dynamic libraries
* Fix windows build
* Simplify embedding of the plugins
* Allow to use colors when debug level isn't set
[Trond Norbye]
* CCBC-63 Include types definitions for POSIX systems
* Undefine NDEBUG to avoid asserts to be optimized out
* CCBC-72: Fix compilation on macosx with gtest from homebrew
-- Sergey Avseyev <> Wed, 13 Jun 2012 20:32:35 +0300
libcouchbase (1.1.0dp5) stable; urgency=low
[Sergey Avseyev]
* Implement 'cbc-hash' to match server/vbucket for given key
* The library doesn't depend on pthreads
-- Sergey Avseyev <> Wed, 06 Jun 2012 00:27:25 +0300
libcouchbase (1.1.0dp4) stable; urgency=low
[Sergey Avseyev]
* Add Travis-CI integration
* Set email for travis-ci notifications
[Trond Norbye]
* Fix compile warnings due to constness
* strtoull doesn't exist on win32
-- Sergey Avseyev <> Tue, 05 Jun 2012 13:04:19 +0300
libcouchbase (1.1.0dp3) stable; urgency=low
[Sergey Avseyev]
* Fix up mentions about CouchDB
* Fix removing items from hashset
* Fix ringbuffer_is_continous()
* CCBC-61 Assign result of the operation
* Don't depend on protocol_binary_command type
* Remove extra commas
* Update AUTHORS file from git log
* ignore gcov files
* Update docs for store operation
* Do not call couch callbacks for cancelled requests
* Reformat sources
* Destroy couch_requests items when server get destroyed
* hashset.c: iterate over whole set on rehashing
* Implement GET_LOCKED (GETL) command
* Implement UNLOCK_KEY (UNL) command
* Unit tests need gtest headers
* Update build scripts with new README
* Allow to customize suffix for .deb package
* Use localhost instead of
* Reorder changelog entries: RPM requires descending chronological order
[Trond Norbye]
* CBD-161: Beef up the readme
* CCBC-66: Add support for [tg]cov
* CCBC-67: Add gtest infrastructure
* CCBC-67: Move tests from standalone programs to gtest
* CCBC-69: Use autoreconf instead of invoking each tool myself
* Remove unused variable
-- Sergey Avseyev <> Sun, 03 Jun 2012 20:06:39 +0300
libcouchbase (1.1.0dp2) stable; urgency=low
[Sergey Avseyev]
* Allow to pass additional arguments to RPM builder
* Fix segfault while authorizing on protected buckets
* Don't define size_t and ssize_t for VS2008
* Don't wait for empty buffers (CCBC-59)
-- Sergey Avseyev <> Tue, 10 Apr 2012 11:05:07 +0300
libcouchbase (1.1.0dp) stable; urgency=low
[Mark Nunberg]
* Null-terminate unhandled vbucket-stream chunk data
* Allow tests to use user-defined event loop for iops
[Sergey Avseyev]
* Check for newer libvbucket
* Bundle HTTP parser from
* Fix pedantic warnings
* Build HTTP parser as separate library
* Implement hash set data structure
* Use libcouchbase IO layer for views
* vbucket_found_incorrect_master() returns server index
* Pick up cookies from pending buffer unless node connected
* Gracefully cancel couch request
* Return reference to request struct from constructor
* Fix formatting: use typedef as return type
* Fix several segfaults
* Update library version
[Trond Norbye]
* Fix build breaks with --enable-werror with SPRO
* Refactor: rename libcouchbase_ringbuffer_ to ringbuffer_
* Add lint rule
* MB-4834: Request the tap bytes in a known byte order
* Fix errors reported by lint
* Clean up warnings reported by lint
* Don't try to be smart linking the strerror test
* Include errno.h to ensure that the macros should be set first
* Add --unpad-paren to remove the ugly if ( asdf )
* Updates according to coding style
-- Sergey Avseyev <> Wed, 04 Apr 2012 21:39:25 +0300
libcouchbase (1.0.6) stable; urgency=low
[Sergey Avseyev]
* CCBC-92 release ringbuffer in libcouchbase_purge_single_server
-- Sergey Avseyev <> Thu, 30 Aug 2012 10:28:11 +0300
libcouchbase (1.0.5) stable; urgency=low
[Sergey Avseyev]
* CCBC-91 Reset timer for commands with NOT_MY_VBUCKET response
* CCBC-91 Fix switching to backup node in case of server outage
-- Sergey Avseyev <> Tue, 14 Aug 2012 23:14:36 +0300
libcouchbase (1.0.4) stable; urgency=low
[Sergey Avseyev]
* [backport] vbucket_found_incorrect_master() returns server index
* CCBC-64 Send the retry-packet to new server
* [CCBC-65] Memory leak in libcouchbase_create / libcouchbase_destroy
* Always use cmd_log for server purge
* CCBC-62 Check for breakout condition after purging servers
* Fix ringbuffer_memcpy()
* Check return value of libcouchbase_apply_vbucket_config()
* Do not consume the cookie for incomplete packet
* Give CouchbaseMock.jar a bit more time to warm up
* Include <sys/type.h> header for libevent check
* Be more specific about libevent version
* Fix config test: copy value in get callback
* Implement ringbuffer_update()
-- Sergey Avseyev <> Fri, 01 Jun 2012 21:19:27 +0300
libcouchbase (1.0.3) stable; urgency=low
[Sergey Avseyev]
* RCBC-33 Fix buffer overflow vulnerability
* [backport] Pick up cookies from pending buffer unless node connected
* [backport] Fix ringbuffer_is_continous()
-- Sergey Avseyev <> Wed, 02 May 2012 23:07:40 +0300
libcouchbase (1.0.2) stable; urgency=low
[Mark Nunberg]
* Added internal debugging/logging routines
* Fixed some compiler warnings and tidy types
* include <cstdlib> in (provides EXIT_*)
* Handle EINVAL for connects
* Refactor connection error handling
[Pierre Joye]
* Fix windows build (MSVC9): stdint header
* Fix windows build (MSVC9): define E* if missing
[Sergey Avseyev]
* Fix mingw cross build
* check for NULL result of libcouchbase_create()
* Add cheatsheet for cbc command
* Do not expose PACKAGE_STRING
* Fix command help
* Include <stdint.h> for tools
* Raise error if <stdint.h> missing
* Rename argument to make it more consistent
* Add JSON support for cp function
* Rename packaging/{debian,deb}
* Always sign deb packages and allow to pass PGP key
* Reduce package dependencies (use internal SASL client)
* debhelper required to build deb packages
* make reformat
[Trond Norbye]
* Use instead of localhost
* Added support for '-' to cp
* Add option to set timeout for cbc
* Added "verify"
* Don't use std:: (we're using namespace std anyway)
* Add support for multiple hosts for the bootstrap URL
* Bundle sasl client implementation
* Bundle the protocol definitions for memcached to make it easier to build
* Add astyle rules
* Fix compile error in smoke-test (-Wformat-security)
* Allow use of libcouchbase to pure memcached clusters
* Fix buildbreak on win32
* Update library version
-- Sergey Avseyev <> Tue, 06 Mar 2012 16:17:54 +0300
libcouchbase (1.0.1) stable; urgency=low
[Sergey Avseyev]
* Port double free error to C test
* Backport rpm fix from libvbucket
* Do not notify user about the same error twice
* Fix sasl_list_mech_response_handler()
* Fix smoke test
* Add test for SASL
* Relocate buffers only for vbucket distribution
* Fix relocation of the buffers after config update
* Use alternate nodes when current is dead (CCBC-38)
* cmd_log buffer stores protocol_binary_request_header structs
* Don't do output in library code
* Check server index before using (CCBC-51)
* Allow to build without tools which require C++ compiler
* Fix multi-{get,touch} requests handling when nkeys > 1
* Ignore NOOP command on server purge
* Call libcouchbase_server_send_packets() when it needed
* Simplify server checks in libcouchbase_mtouch_by_key
* Ignore coredumps
[Trond Norbye]
* Disable memory debug on the java vm from make check
* Implement operation timeouts (CCBC-20)
* Install configuration.h for win32
* Remove indentation for '=' to ease merging of patches
* Refactor: typedef libcouchbase_cas_t for cas value
* Remove duplicate make rule
* Refactor: use libcouchbase_xxxx for the datatypes
* Don't pass -v to SPRO CC
* Fix warnings reported by SPRO CC with full warnings
* Don't print out that much from the getopt-test
* Fix the sync mode and add a unit test
* Fix errors reported on win32
* Release allocated resources
* Destroy event base if we created it
* Fix pillowfight source
* Fix NMakefile
* Run test cases for make check
* Fix default port for backup nodes
* Add --with-couchbasemock
[Mark Nunberg]
* Fixed SASL handling
* Allow for notification on initial vbucket config
* Fixed segfaults and memory access errors on libevent1.4
* Finer grained error reporting for basic REST errors
* Do not attempt SASL when SASL already in progress
* Fix connect timeouts
* Segfault when delete_event called on invalid socket
* Reset stream state on new instance socket.
* Add option for embedding libevent io options
* better instance socket cleanup handling
* purge_implicit_responses handling of NOOP
* changed server tests to wait a bit on EINTR
-- Matt Ingenthron <> Mon, 13 Feb 2012 22:20:30 -0800
libcouchbase (1.0.0) stable; urgency=low
[Jan Lehnardt]
* Use curl if wget isn't found to download CouchbaseMock.
[Matt Ingenthron]
* Added docbook based manual page for libcouchbase_create.
* Man page documentation additions and enhancements.
* Mentioned store_by_key uses hashkey in comment.
* Bring debian packaging back to compat 7.
* Added tmppath to RPM spec to be able to generate as non-root.
* Revert "Remove 'g' prefix from the version". CCBC-50
* Fixed minor packing dependency issue.
[Sergey Avseyev]
* Add stats command
* Aggregate flush responses
* rename man page for stats command
* Allow libcouchbase build with libevent 1.x (validated for 1.4.14)
* Use 'man -S' when 'man -s' unavailable (FreeBSD)
* Fix getopt_long tests
* Gracefully update vbucket configuration
* Add smoke tests for get and set operations
* Use modern tar format to allow long names
* Allow download memcached headers from remote host
* Separate mock-dependent tests
* Rename license file and add it to distribution
* Add packaging notes
* Build DEB package for Debian, Ubuntu, etc.
* Build RPM package for CentOS, RedHat etc.
* Do not sign deb packages for now
* Generalize views function
* debian/control: fix typo in build dependencies
* Remove <memcached/vbucket.h> dependency
* Use more specific error codes
* Expose HTTP status code for users
* Allow to select bucket for node failover/respawn
* Fix typo in
* Fix build with libevent1
* Fix pedantic warnings
* Move doc handlers to views.c until 2.0 release
* Update package dependencies: libevent and libsasl2
* Update link to CouchbaseMock.jar
* Fix memcache comatibility
* Do not use -ldl expicitly (it breaks BSD)
* Fix 'make dist' task
* Update install rules in rpm and deb packages
* Disable optimization and increase debug level
* Fix buffer relocation during rebalance
* Uncomment smoke test
* Fix condition
* Take vbucket from the packet during relocation
* Force curl to follow redirects
* Fix curl syntax
* cbc: add version command
* Rename 'cbc-stat' to 'cbc-stats' for consistency
* Remove 'g' prefix from the version
* Update library versions
[Trond Norbye]
* Fix the chunked mode to allow multiple chunks
* Fix compile problems on win32
* Updated the mock server to use for testing
* Removed blank lines to make the xml easier to read
* Added initial documentation for libcouchbase_flush
* Fixup xml documentation
* Added a lot of documentation
* Don't accept NULL as a valid "callback"
* Use the error handler instead of printing to stderr
* Fixup xml
* Doc fixes
* convert flags to network byte order
* Remove obsolete man pages
* Remove pandora autoconf macros
* Fix the order of ldflags
* Step one on our way to C89
* Fixup build failures in couchview_yajl.c
* Disable view code
* Update copyright year
* We no longer need tar-pax
* Remove forward decl of event_base
* Build all examples on windows
* Refactor: Move tests programs to tests subdir
* Put the object files in the directory they belong
* Start pillowfight!
* New command cbc
* Remove obsolete memNNNN programs
* Create symbolic links for cbc programs
* CCBC-37 allow config to be read from .cbcrc
* Add -T to enable timings for cbc
* Build cbc for win32
* Bail out if we can't locate libvbucket/vbucket.h
* Added cbc-create to create a key
* Bail out if you can't find memcached/vbucket.h
* Added libcouchbase_get_version
* Print out libcouchbase version for cbc version
* Fix up get_iov for write
* The tap callbacks need cas+vbid
* Add cbc send and receive
* Remove memdump
* Set library version to 1.0.0
* Changed error text for EEXISTS
* Fixup comment
* Drop "already" from the error text
* Fix unused-but-set-variable
* Add libcouchbase.dll to gitignore
* Update versions for win32 (@todo find a better way)
* Update NMakefile
* Change search order for headerfiles for win32
* Fix compile errors in cbc for setting binary stdin/stdout
* Fix compile failure for ringbuffer test
* Fixed typo
* Add function to flush buffers
* "empty" bucket name should be treated as NULL
* Allow the user to specify sync mode on an instance
* Fixup compile warnings
-- Matt Ingenthron <> Sun, 22 Jan 2012 17:02:10 -0800
libcouchbase (0.3.0) unstable; urgency=low
[Trond Norbye]
* Add flush command
* Add a getopt test for win32
* Remove packet filter
* Add a ringbuffer to use instead of the buffer_t
* Improve win32 compatibility
* Create an instance of the default io ops if you don't specify one
* Refactor: Let the client specify the IO framework
[Sergey Avseyev]
* Fix ringbuffer for wrapped write/read operations
* Fix wait flag in libcouchbase_wait()
* CCBC-11 The interface to access views
-- Sergey Avseyev <> Mon, 05 Dec 2011 13:33:39 +0300
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