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Latest commit 161d4c4 @melkote melkote Move toy to pick up MOI related changes
Change-Id: Icb60507e27137008e01bf1bb7c355ad05f0b25e8
Reviewed-by: Sriram Melkote <>
Tested-by: Sriram Melkote <>
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README.txt The first toy build manifest.
hari-410.xml manifest for testing some changes
hari-watson.xml sync toy/hari-watson with latest changes to watson manifest
override-2.0.1-r15b03.xml All manifests should use the old-master gperftools branch
toy-2i-master.xml Add unstable, testing and master toy manifests for secondary index
toy-2i-testing.xml Update secondary index toy manifests with latest SHAs of all projects
toy-2i-unstable.xml Update secondary index toy manifests with latest SHAs of all projects
toy-abhi.xml toy build capturing seq # and vb # in metadata
toy-cbftint-sherlock.xml add alternate cbft integration toy build based on sherlock beta
toy-cbftint.xml use steveyen/cbftint for ns-server/tlm for toy builds
toy-ceej.xml Update toy-ceej
toy-chiyoung.xml Update the toy chiyoung build to reflect the current master branch
toy-couchstore.xml Update to manifest of toybuilder:couchstore
toy-daver.xml Add daver toy build
toy-dliao.xml updated tlm
toy-filipe-index-build.xml Update toy/toy-filipe-index-build.xml
toy-filipe-random.xml CBD-909 Toy build manifest
toy-hhs.xml CBSE-1964 Force GC during rebalance with reduction
toy-indexing.xml Move toy for sherlock
toy-ingenthr.xml ingenthr toy build with no TCP_NODELAY
toy-jchris.xml add geocouch change to jchris toy build
toy-jimw.xml Add a new ep-engine branch for toy-jimw. Contains updated atomic fix
toy-junyi.xml use master manifest
toy-leveldb.xml Added leveldb toy builder.
toy-mikewied.xml Update mikewied toy build
toy-newvtree.xml Add couchstore to newvtree manifest
toy-nimish.xml Update nimish's toy build manifest
toy-online.xml Toy build manifest for a online / vfs-backport.
toy-pavel.xml use 3.0 manifest for R14 testing
toy-plabee.xml null commit to trigger sync
toy-sarath.xml MB-100: Move Sarath's toy to his indexing repo
toy-siri.xml Move toy to pick up MOI related changes
toy-srini.xml Temporarily use 2.0.0r-1068 for the toy-build
toy-sriram.xml Change branch in toy-sriram.xml
toy-steve.xml Update manifests to point to specific snappy commit
toy-sundar.xml toy-sundar over 3.0 RC1
toy-trond.xml Fixup toy-trond
toy-venu.xml toy build with 3.5.0-968 commits but malloc will change
toy-volker-302.xml Use the current `tlm` and `platform`
toy-volker.xml Test view-engine performance with a little change
toy-watson.xml Copy of watson build #504.


A 'toy' build is an experimental, throw-away build, usually meant for
some major refactoring.  Automated toy builds are based on toy-*.xml
manifest files found in this directory.
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