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-Ideally, you want to make a static binary, otherwise the dynamic
-linker pollutes your address space with shared libs right in the
-middle. (NOTE: actually, this shouldn't matter so much anymore, now
-that we only allocate huge, fixed-size slabs)
-Make sure your libevent has epoll (Linux) or kqueue (BSD) support.
-Using poll or select only is slow, and works for testing, but
-shouldn't be used for high-traffic memcache installations.
-To build libevent with epoll on Linux, you need two things. First,
-you need /usr/include/sys/epoll.h . To get it, you can install the
-userspace epoll library, epoll-lib. The link to the latest version
-is buried inside
- ; currently
-it's .
-If you're having any trouble building/installing it, you can just copy
-epoll.h from that tarball to /usr/include/sys as that's the only thing
-from there that libevent really needs.
-Secondly, you need to declare syscall numbers of epoll syscalls, so
-libevent can use them. Put these declarations somewhere
-inside <sys/epoll.h>:
-#define __NR_epoll_create 254
-#define __NR_epoll_ctl 255
-#define __NR_epoll_wait 256
-After this you should be able to build libevent with epoll support.
-Once you build/install libevent, you don't need <sys/epoll.h> to
-compile memcache or link it against libevent. Don't forget that for epoll
-support to actually work at runtime you need to use a kernel with epoll
-support patch applied, as explained in the README file.
-BSD users are luckier, and will get kqueue support by default.

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