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Couchbase PHP Client

license jenkins

This repository contains source code for Couchbase PHP SDK 3.2 branch. Current development is going in couchbase/couchbase-php-client. Visit Couchbase Support Policy page for more details about maintenance and EOL dates.

This library allows you to connect to a Couchbase cluster from PHP. It is a native PHP extension and uses the very fast libcouchbase library to handle communicating to the cluster over the Couchbase binary protocol. It supports 5.x and 7.x releases of PHP interpreter.

Useful Links


The target system should have libcouchbase installed. Detailed guide and links to the most recent versions located here:


Couchbase PHP client generally available through PECL:

pecl install couchbase

Binary packages

RPM package for Fedora available in official repository, its name is php-pecl-couchbase2.

dnf install php-pecl-couchbase2

RPM package for RHEL and CentOS linux available on Remi's repository.

yum install php-pecl-couchbase2

Additionally Windows builds available from Release Notes and Archives page.

On MacOS platform, the library could be installed via Homebrew:

brew tap homebrew/homebrew-php
brew install php70-couchbase # or other version instead of 70 (PHP 7.0)

Build from sources

If you are going to prepare patches, or just need to install the most recent version from git, make sure you have PHP development tools and headers installed, and run the following commands:

git clone
cd php-couchbase
./configure --with-couchbase
make && make install


Connecting to a Couchbase bucket is as simple as creating a new Connection instance. Once you are connect, you may execute any of Couchbases' numerous operations against this connection.

Here is a simple example of instantiating a connection, setting a new document into the bucket and then retrieving its contents:

$cluster = new \Couchbase\Cluster('localhost');
$db = $cluster->bucket('default');
$db->upsert('testdoc', array('name'=>'Frank'));
$res = $db->get('testdoc');
// array(1) {
//   ["name"]=>
//   string(5) "Frank"
// }


An extensive documentation is available on the Couchbase website. Visit our PHP Community on the Couchbase website for the documentation as well as numerous examples and samples.

To build PHP API reference, phpDocumentor 3.0.0+ have to be installed

curl -L -o/tmp/phpdoc.phar curl
php /tmp/phpdoc.phar -t /tmp/output -d api/

The following steps assume that current directory is the root of this repository:

ver=$(git describe | sed 's/^v//')
rm -rf couchbase-php-client-$ver
php /tmp/phpdoc.phar -t couchbase-php-client-$ver -d api/

After that all reference documentation will be stored in couchbase-php-client-3.0.0, if current tag is 3.0.0.

Source Control

The source code is available at

To execute our test suite, simply install and execute phpunit against your checked out source code. Tests assume that you have Couchbase Server with default bucket running on localhost (otherwise use environment variable CB_DSN, CB_ADMIN_USER, CB_ADMIN_PASSWORD, CB_BUCKET, CB_USER, CB_PASSWORD. E.g. CB_DSN=couchbase:// CB_BUCKET=travel-sample).

curl -L > ~/bin/phpunit
chmod a+x ~/bin/phpunit
# or just 'dnf install php-phpunit-PHPUnit' on Fedora 24+

phpunit tests/

Integration tests require some prerequisites, so once they met, you can run integration tests with:

phpunit integration/

It is also possible to run tests using CouchbaseMock:

CB_MOCK=1 phpunit tests/

Server version guard might be specified by CB_VERSION (default is 4.6). The tests which depend on functionality, which is not supported by CB_VERSION, will be skipped automatically.


The library is available as open source under the terms of the Apache2 License.

Copyright 2016-2020 Couchbase, Inc.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.