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Add information on how to contribute to the driver

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+We've decided to use "gerrit" for our code review system, making it
+easier for all of us to contribute with code and comments. You'll find
+our gerrit server running at:
+The first thing you would do would be to "sign up" for an account
+there, before you jump to:
+With that in place you should probably jump on IRC and join the
+#libcouchbase chatroom to hang out with the rest of us :-)
+There is a pretty tight relationship between our php driver
+development and the development of libcouchbase, so for now you have
+to run the latest versions f both projects to be sure that everything
+works. I have however made it easy for you to develop on the php
+driver by using a repo manifest file. If you haven't done so already
+you should download repo from
+ and put it in your
+All you should need to set up your development environment should be:
+ trond@ok ~> mkdir sdk
+ trond@ok ~> cd sdk
+ trond@ok ~/sdk> repo init -u git:// -m sdk.xml
+ trond@ok ~/sdk> repo sync
+ trond@ok ~/sdk> repo start my-branch-name --all
+ trond@ok ~/sdk> gmake php
+This will build the latest version of libcouchbase and the php
+extension. You must have a C and C++ compiler installed,
+automake, autoconf and phpize.
+If you have to make any changes in libcouchbase or the php extension,
+you can just commit them before you upload them to gerrit with the
+following command:
+ trond@ok ~/sdk> repo upload
+You might experience a problem trying to upload the patches if you've
+selected a different login name than your login
+name. Don't worry, all you need to do is to add the following to your
+~/.gitconfig file:
+ [review ""]
+ username = trond
+I normally don't go looking for stuff in gerrit, so you should add at
+least me ( as a reviewer for your patch (and
+I'll know who else to add and add them for you).
@@ -49,3 +49,8 @@ See CREDITS file. Thanks all!
## Copyright
(c) 2011, 2012 Couchbase
+## Contributions
+If you'd like to contribute to the project, please look in

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