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Add bucket manipulation example

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PHP PECL extension for Couchbase Server


./ ./ This file. ./LICENSE License information ./couchbase.ini Description of all of the tunables ./ The PHP extension as a shared library. ./couchbase-api.php A PHP file containing a dummy definition of all classes and constants that you may use in your IDE to get code completion etc.


Edit your php.ini to include this line after putting the extension in the correct directory.:

If you're on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS platform, this is best done as:

Note that in either case you can use a complete path, such as:


To find where your php.ini file is, try php --ini or look at your <?php phpinfo() ?> output. This can also identify the extension directory if you wish to copy the extension there.

Verify Installation

Run this test script:

$cb = new Couchbase("", "username", "password", "default");
$cb->set("a", 1);

Make sure you have started your Couchbase server. Adjust the hostname, port, user name and password as needed.


If you have an questions, problems or suggestions, please let us know on the Couchbase SDK forums:


Apache License 2.0 — See LICENSE for details.

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