Connects Couchbase Lite to Couchbase Server
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Sync Gateway


  • Manages HTTP-based data access for Couchbase Lite mobile clients
  • Leverages Couchbase Server as it's horizontally scalable backing data store
  • Clustered into a horizontally scalable tier
  • Provides access control and data routing
  • Provides HTTP longpoll changes stream of all database mutations


Official product home page



Issue Tracker

Mailing List

Discussion Forum

Build pre-requisites

To build Sync Gateway from source, you must have the following installed:

  • Go 1.9 or later with your $GOPATH set to a valid directory
  • GCC

Install Go

See Installing Go

Install GCC

$ yum install gcc

Download and build via repo

This is the recommended approach. See the Extended Build Instructions to build with dependency pinning via the repo multi-repository tool.

Download and build via go get

Warning currently the go get style of building is broken due to upstream library changes, please use the Extended Build Instructions

Download and build the code in a single step via go get:

$ go get -u -t

After this operation completes you should have a new sync_gateway binary in $GOPATH/bin

NOTE: This build style is only suitable for development rather than deployment. There is a chance this might fail or have runtime errors due to using the latest version of all dependencies (whereas release builds use dependency pinning). Please file an issue if you run into problems.


Apache 2 license.