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Change-Id: Ic7eb79e6369b49ec23f8381599a1f3ea7dd28bdb
Reviewed-by: Dale Harvey <>
Tested-by: Dale Harvey <>
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1 parent 35ae580 commit 32d799b0d85f0b20b4ea070149777f2b265a1094 @daleharvey daleharvey committed with Dale Harvey Sep 14, 2011
BIN assets/couchbase-1.0-dp-2e5b5e3.tgz.jpg
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BIN assets/couchbase-1.0-dp-fe50b80.tgz.jpg
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2 src/com/couchbase/android/
@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@
* recommended to use this default package name as it ensures this library
* was built to support these binaries
- private final static String defaultRelease = "couchbase-1.0-dp-fe50b80";
+ private final static String defaultRelease = "couchbase-1.0-dp-2e5b5e3";
* List of user defined ini files

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