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My company is evaluating this product. The iOS version worked out of the box. The Android experience has been very frustrating.

** System being used **

Mac OS X version 10.6.8. Eclipse 3.6.1.

** Steps to reproduce problem **

08-29 08:44:00.777: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(21797): Caused by: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Library com_google_ase_Exec not found

Would someone please recommend how I should resolve this? I am hesitant to potentially proceed with using the Android NDK as I've already spent much time working on this. It would be nice if there were a simple fix to apply.

Thanks for reading this far.


jchris commented Aug 30, 2011


I'm not surprised you had issues with the last developer preview release. We have made a lot of progress based on feedback we received from that release.

We have a major cleanup of the Android developer experience happening right now. The plan is to package it as a Jar file and an Ant script, that you apply to your app, and now you just put a little code in, and Couch starts.

The best place to file bug reports is here:

For general troubleshooting, visit our mailing list here!forum/mobile-couchbase

We will update the webpage you started from, and announce it on that mailing list, as soon as we have a new artifact available for download.

Thank you very much for your reply, jchris.

I took your advice and reviewed the information at the forums. I downloaded a zip and xml file and then came across a new problem.

I posted the new problem to the forums in the GGroups here:!topic/mobile-couchbase/8CccpEEW1HQ

Thanks again for your help.


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