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// CouchEmbeddedServer.h
// CouchCocoa
// Created by Jens Alfke on 10/13/11.
// Copyright (c) 2011 Couchbase, Inc. All rights reserved.
#import "CouchServer.h"
@class CouchbaseMobile;
/** A convenience class that glues Couchbase Mobile into CouchCocoa -- this is ONLY for use with the older Couchbase Mobile, NOT with TouchDB!
On creation, starts up an instance of Couchbase Mobile.
This object will have a placeholder URL until the embedded server has started up, so you can't access it (i.e. creating any databases) until then. */
@interface CouchEmbeddedServer : CouchServer
CouchbaseMobile* _couchbase;
NSError* _error;
/** A shared per-process instance. Remember that CouchCocoa is not thread-safe so you can't
use this shared instance among multiple threads. */
+ (CouchEmbeddedServer*) sharedInstance;
/** Preferred initializer. Starts up an in-process server. */
- (id) init;
/** Inherited initializer, if you want to connect to a remote server for debugging purposes.
(If you call -start:, the block will still be called.) */
- (id) initWithURL:(NSURL *)url;
/** The underlying CouchbaseMobile object that manages the embedded server. */
@property (readonly) CouchbaseMobile* couchbase;
/** Starts the server, asynchronously.
@param onStartBlock A block to be called when the server finishes starting up (or fails to). At that point you can start to access databases, etc.
@return YES if startup began, NO if a fatal error occurred. */
- (BOOL) start: (void(^)())onStartBlock;
/** Is the embedded Couchbase server running? */
@property (readonly) BOOL running;
/** If the server fails to start up, this will give the reason why. */
@property (readonly, retain) NSError* error;
extern NSString* const CouchEmbeddedServerDidStartNotification;
extern NSString* const CouchEmbeddedServerDidRestartNotification;
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