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Feature Request: Pausing a CouchLiveQuery #54

tobinharris opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Discussed here on the TouchDB group.

I want my CouchLiveQuery to be paused when it's not the active screen in a navigation hierarchy, and then resume when the screen is loaded. This is to stop the query running and initiating re-indexing whilst the view is not visible. For my app, that re-indexing is a bit of a performance hit.

Jens suggested a simple solution - adding a .paused property to CouchLivequery that makes it ignore database changed notifications when .paused is set to YES.



I second that request. Temporarily pausing a CouchLiveQuery would be useful.


I think this can be achieved by setting database.trackChanges=NO. Although it will stop all other live queries, if any.


FYI, I'm unlikely to implement this myself, because my time is going into Couchbase Lite and the Sync Gateway. I do recognize that some people use CouchCocoa along with CBL to talk directly to remote databases, though. It shouldn't be hard for someone else to implement.

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