TapMap is a demo .NET and Couchbase app
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This app demonstrates using ASP.NET MCV (3) with the .NET Client Library for Couchbase Server.


  • Couchbase >= Server 2.0 DP4
  • Create a bucket named "beernique", password "b33rs"
  • Open your the TapMap web site and browse to http://localhost/TapMap/Setup and submit the form. ** The default SetupKey in AppConfig is "8675309" without the quotes. ** Setup creates 4 users, john, paul, ringo, george with passwords vocals, bass, drums, guitar respectively. ** Setup creates sample taps. Select "Greater Boston" from the home page and view the taps on the map.


  • By default, it is assumed that your site is going to work with a Couchbase Server node on localhost.
  • IIS or IIS Express is required. There is some basic security code that won't work with the development server.


  • Browse to your site and create a user account.
  • Create a tap.
  • Browse the taps on the map by selecting a bounding box (region) from the home page.
  • If you're not in the Northeast or Northwest, you'll need to create a region to query by.