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// TDMultipartDocumentReader.m
// TouchDB
// Created by Jens Alfke on 3/29/12.
// Copyright (c) 2012 Couchbase, Inc. All rights reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file
// except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the
// either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions
// and limitations under the License.
#import "TDMultipartDocumentReader.h"
#import "TDDatabase+Attachments.h"
#import "TDBlobStore.h"
#import "TDInternal.h"
#import "TDBase64.h"
#import "TDMisc.h"
#import "CollectionUtils.h"
@implementation TDMultipartDocumentReader
+ (NSDictionary*) readData: (NSData*)data
ofType: (NSString*)contentType
toDatabase: (TDDatabase*)database
status: (TDStatus*)outStatus
NSDictionary* result = nil;
TDMultipartDocumentReader* reader = [[self alloc] initWithDatabase: database];
if ([reader setContentType: contentType]
&& [reader appendData: data]
&& [reader finish]) {
result = [[reader.document retain] autorelease];
if (outStatus)
*outStatus = reader.status;
[reader release];
return result;
- (id) initWithDatabase: (TDDatabase*)database
self = [super init];
if (self) {
_database = database;
return self;
- (void) dealloc {
[_curAttachment cancel];
[_curAttachment release];
[_multipartReader release];
[_jsonBuffer release];
[_document release];
[_attachmentsByName autorelease];
[_attachmentsByDigest autorelease];
[super dealloc];
@synthesize status=_status, document=_document;
- (NSUInteger) attachmentCount {
return _attachmentsByDigest.count;
- (BOOL) setContentType: (NSString*)contentType {
if ([contentType hasPrefix: @"multipart/"]) {
// Multipart, so initialize the parser:
LogTo(SyncVerbose, @"%@: has attachments, %@", self, contentType);
_multipartReader = [[TDMultipartReader alloc] initWithContentType: contentType delegate: self];
if (_multipartReader) {
_attachmentsByName = [[NSMutableDictionary alloc] init];
_attachmentsByDigest = [[NSMutableDictionary alloc] init];
return YES;
} else if (contentType == nil || [contentType hasPrefix: @"application/json"]) {
// No multipart, so no attachments. Body is pure JSON:
_jsonBuffer = [[NSMutableData alloc] initWithCapacity: 1024];
return YES;
// Unknown/invalid MIME type:
_status = kTDStatusNotAcceptable;
return NO;
- (BOOL) appendData:(NSData *)data {
if (_multipartReader) {
[_multipartReader appendData: data];
if (_multipartReader.failed) {
Warn(@"%@: received unparseable MIME multipart response", self);
_status = kTDStatusUpstreamError;
return NO;
} else {
[_jsonBuffer appendData: data];
return YES;
- (BOOL) finish {
LogTo(SyncVerbose, @"%@: Finished loading (%u attachments)", self, _attachmentsByDigest.count);
if (_multipartReader) {
if (!_multipartReader.finished) {
Warn(@"%@: received incomplete MIME multipart response", self);
_status = kTDStatusUpstreamError;
return NO;
if (![self registerAttachments]) {
_status = kTDStatusUpstreamError;
return NO;
} else {
if (![self parseJSONBuffer])
return NO;
_status = kTDStatusCreated;
return YES;
/** Callback: A part's headers have been parsed, but not yet its data. */
- (void) startedPart: (NSDictionary*)headers {
// First MIME part is the document's JSON body; the rest are attachments.
if (!_document)
_jsonBuffer = [[NSMutableData alloc] initWithCapacity: 1024];
else {
LogTo(SyncVerbose, @"%@: Starting attachment #%u...", self, _attachmentsByDigest.count + 1);
_curAttachment = [[_database attachmentWriter] retain];
// See whether the attachment name is in the headers.
NSString* disposition = [headers objectForKey: @"Content-Disposition"];
if ([disposition hasPrefix: @"attachment; filename="]) {
// TODO: Parse this less simplistically. Right now it assumes it's in exactly the same
// format generated by -[TDPusher uploadMultipartRevision:]. CouchDB (as of 1.2) doesn't
// output any headers at all on attachments so there's no compatibility issue yet.
NSString* name = TDUnquoteString([disposition substringFromIndex: 21]);
if (name)
[_attachmentsByName setObject: _curAttachment forKey: name];
/** Callback: Append data to a MIME part's body. */
- (void) appendToPart: (NSData*)data {
if (_jsonBuffer)
[_jsonBuffer appendData: data];
[_curAttachment appendData: data];
/** Callback: A MIME part is complete. */
- (void) finishedPart {
if (_jsonBuffer) {
[self parseJSONBuffer];
} else {
// Finished downloading an attachment. Remember the association from the MD5 digest
// (which appears in the body's _attachments dict) to the blob-store key of the data.
[_curAttachment finish];
NSString* md5Str = _curAttachment.MD5DigestString;
if (WillLogTo(SyncVerbose)) {
TDBlobKey key = _curAttachment.blobKey;
NSData* keyData = [NSData dataWithBytes: &key length: sizeof(key)];
LogTo(SyncVerbose, @"%@: Finished attachment #%u: len=%uk, digest=%@, SHA1=%@",
self, _attachmentsByDigest.count+1, (unsigned)_curAttachment.length/1024,
md5Str, keyData);
[_attachmentsByDigest setObject: _curAttachment forKey: md5Str];
setObj(&_curAttachment, nil);
#pragma mark - INTERNALS:
- (BOOL) parseJSONBuffer {
id document = [TDJSON JSONObjectWithData: _jsonBuffer
options: TDJSONReadingMutableContainers
error: nil];
setObj(&_jsonBuffer, nil);
if (![document isKindOfClass: [NSDictionary class]]) {
Warn(@"%@: received unparseable JSON data '%@'",
self, [_jsonBuffer my_UTF8ToString]);
_status = kTDStatusUpstreamError;
return NO;
_document = [document retain];
return YES;
- (BOOL) registerAttachments {
NSDictionary* attachments = [_document objectForKey: @"_attachments"];
if (attachments && ![attachments isKindOfClass: [NSDictionary class]]) {
Warn(@"%@: _attachments property is not a dictionary", self);
return NO;
NSUInteger nAttachmentsInDoc = 0;
for (NSString* attachmentName in attachments) {
NSMutableDictionary* attachment = [attachments objectForKey: attachmentName];
if ([[attachment objectForKey: @"follows"] isEqual: $true]) {
// Check that each attachment in the JSON corresponds to an attachment MIME body.
// Look up the attachment by either its MIME Content-Disposition header or MD5 digest:
NSString* digest = [attachment objectForKey: @"digest"];
TDBlobStoreWriter* writer = [_attachmentsByName objectForKey: attachmentName];
if (writer) {
// Identified the MIME body by the filename in its Disposition header:
NSString* actualDigest = writer.MD5DigestString;
if (digest && !$equal(digest, actualDigest)
&& !$equal(digest, writer.SHA1DigestString)) {
Warn(@"%@: Attachment '%@' has incorrect MD5 digest (%@; should be %@)",
self, attachmentName, digest, actualDigest);
return NO;
[attachment setObject: actualDigest forKey: @"digest"];
} else if (digest) {
// Else look up the MIME body by its computed digest:
writer = [_attachmentsByDigest objectForKey: digest];
if (!writer) {
Warn(@"%@: Attachment '%@' does not appear in a MIME body",
self, attachmentName);
return NO;
} else if (attachments.count == 1 && _attachmentsByDigest.count == 1) {
// Else there's only one attachment, so just assume it matches & use it:
writer = [[_attachmentsByDigest allValues] objectAtIndex: 0];
[attachment setObject: writer.MD5DigestString forKey: @"digest"];
} else {
// No digest metatata, no filename in MIME body; give up:
Warn(@"%@: Attachment '%@' has no digest metadata; cannot identify MIME body",
self, attachmentName);
return NO;
// Check that the length matches:
NSNumber* lengthObj = [attachment objectForKey: @"encoded_length"]
?: [attachment objectForKey: @"length"];
if (!lengthObj || writer.length != [$castIf(NSNumber, lengthObj) unsignedLongLongValue]) {
Warn(@"%@: Attachment '%@' has invalid length %@ (should be %llu)",
self, attachmentName, lengthObj, writer.length);
return NO;
if (nAttachmentsInDoc < _attachmentsByDigest.count) {
Warn(@"%@: More MIME bodies (%u) than attachments (%u)",
self, _attachmentsByDigest.count, nAttachmentsInDoc);
return NO;
// If everything's copacetic, hand over the (uninstalled) blobs to the database to remember:
[_database rememberAttachmentWritersForDigests: _attachmentsByDigest];
return YES;
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