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// TDMisc.h
// TouchDB
// Created by Jens Alfke on 1/13/12.
// Copyright (c) 2012 Couchbase, Inc. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import <TouchDB/TD_Revision.h>
extern NSString* const TDHTTPErrorDomain;
NSString* TDCreateUUID( void );
NSData* TDSHA1Digest( NSData* input );
NSData* TDSHA256Digest( NSData* input );
NSString* TDHexSHA1Digest( NSData* input );
NSData* TDHMACSHA1(NSData* key, NSData* data);
NSData* TDHMACSHA256(NSData* key, NSData* data);
/** Generates a hex dump of a sequence of bytes.
The result is lowercase. This is important for CouchDB compatibility. */
NSString* TDHexFromBytes( const void* bytes, size_t length);
NSComparisonResult TDSequenceCompare( SequenceNumber a, SequenceNumber b);
/** Escapes a document or revision ID for use in a URL.
This does the usual %-escaping, but makes sure that '/' is escaped in case the ID appears in the path portion of the URL, and that '&' is escaped in case the ID appears in a query value. */
NSString* TDEscapeID( NSString* param );
/** Escapes a string to be used as the value of a query parameter in a URL.
This does the usual %-escaping, but makes sure that '&' is also escaped. */
NSString* TDEscapeURLParam( NSString* param );
/** Wraps a string in double-quotes and prepends backslashes to any existing double-quote or backslash characters in it. */
NSString* TDQuoteString( NSString* param );
/** Undoes effect of TDQuoteString, i.e. removes backslash escapes and any surrounding double-quotes.
If the string has no surrounding double-quotes it will be returned as-is. */
NSString* TDUnquoteString( NSString* param );
/** Returns YES if this error appears to be due to the computer being offline or the remote host being unreachable. */
BOOL TDIsOfflineError( NSError* error );
/** Returns YES if this is a network/HTTP error that is likely to be transient.
Examples are timeout, connection lost, 502 Bad Gateway... */
BOOL TDMayBeTransientError( NSError* error );
/** Returns YES if this error appears to be due to a creating a file/dir that already exists. */
BOOL TDIsFileExistsError( NSError* error );
/** Returns the input URL without the query string or fragment identifier, just ending with the path. */
NSURL* TDURLWithoutQuery( NSURL* url );
/** Appends path components to a URL. These will NOT be URL-escaped, so you can include queries. */
NSURL* TDAppendToURL(NSURL* baseURL, NSString* toAppend);