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// TDPuller.m
// TouchDB
// Created by Jens Alfke on 12/2/11.
// Copyright (c) 2011 Couchbase, Inc. All rights reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file
// except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the
// either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions
// and limitations under the License.
#import "TDPuller.h"
#import "TD_Database+Insertion.h"
#import "TD_Database+Replication.h"
#import <TouchDB/TD_Revision.h>
#import "TDChangeTracker.h"
#import "TDAuthorizer.h"
#import "TDBatcher.h"
#import "TDMultipartDownloader.h"
#import "TDSequenceMap.h"
#import "TDInternal.h"
#import "TDMisc.h"
#import "ExceptionUtils.h"
// Maximum number of revisions to fetch simultaneously. (CFNetwork will only send about 5
// simultaneous requests, but by keeping a larger number in its queue we ensure that it doesn't
// run out, even if the TD thread doesn't always have time to run.)
#define kMaxOpenHTTPConnections 12
// ?limit= param for _changes feed: max # of revs to get in one batch. Smaller values reduce
// latency since we can't parse till the entire result arrives in longpoll mode. But larger
// values are more efficient because they use fewer HTTP requests.
#define kChangesFeedLimit 100u
// Maximum number of revs to fetch in a single bulk request
#define kMaxRevsToGetInBulk 50u
// Maximum number of revision IDs to pass in an "?atts_since=" query param
#define kMaxNumberOfAttsSince 50u
@interface TDPuller () <TDChangeTrackerClient>
static NSString* joinQuotedEscaped(NSArray* strings);
@implementation TDPuller
- (void)dealloc {
[_changeTracker stop];
- (void) beginReplicating {
if (!_downloadsToInsert) {
// Note: This is a ref cycle, because the block has a (retained) reference to 'self',
// and _downloadsToInsert retains the block, and of course I retain _downloadsToInsert.
_downloadsToInsert = [[TDBatcher alloc] initWithCapacity: 200 delay: 1.0
processor: ^(NSArray *downloads) {
[self insertDownloads: downloads];
if (!_pendingSequences) {
_pendingSequences = [[TDSequenceMap alloc] init];
if (_lastSequence != nil) {
// Prime _pendingSequences so its checkpointedValue will reflect the last known seq:
SequenceNumber seq = [_pendingSequences addValue: _lastSequence];
[_pendingSequences removeSequence: seq];
AssertEqual(_pendingSequences.checkpointedValue, _lastSequence);
_caughtUp = NO;
[self asyncTaskStarted]; // task: waiting to catch up
[self startChangeTracker];
- (void) startChangeTracker {
TDChangeTrackerMode mode = (_continuous && _caughtUp) ? kLongPoll : kOneShot;
LogTo(SyncVerbose, @"%@ starting ChangeTracker: mode=%d, since=%@", self, mode, _lastSequence);
_changeTracker = [[TDChangeTracker alloc] initWithDatabaseURL: _remote
mode: mode
conflicts: YES
lastSequence: _lastSequence
client: self];
// Limit the number of changes to return, so we can parse the feed in parts:
_changeTracker.limit = kChangesFeedLimit;
_changeTracker.filterName = _filterName;
_changeTracker.filterParameters = _filterParameters;
_changeTracker.docIDs = _docIDs;
_changeTracker.authorizer = _authorizer;
unsigned heartbeat = $castIf(NSNumber, _options[@"heartbeat"]).unsignedIntValue;
if (heartbeat >= 15000)
_changeTracker.heartbeat = heartbeat / 1000.0;
NSMutableDictionary* headers = $mdict({@"User-Agent", [TDRemoteRequest userAgentHeader]});
[headers addEntriesFromDictionary: _requestHeaders];
_changeTracker.requestHeaders = headers;
[_changeTracker start];
if (!_continuous)
[self asyncTaskStarted];
- (void) stop {
if (!_running)
if (_changeTracker) {
_changeTracker.client = nil; // stop it from calling my -changeTrackerStopped
[_changeTracker stop];
if (!_continuous)
[self asyncTasksFinished: 1]; // balances -asyncTaskStarted in -startChangeTracker
if (!_caughtUp)
[self asyncTasksFinished: 1]; // balances -asyncTaskStarted in -beginReplicating
_changeTracker = nil;
_revsToPull = nil;
_deletedRevsToPull = nil;
_bulkRevsToPull = nil;
[super stop];
[_downloadsToInsert flushAll];
- (void) retry {
// This is called if I've gone idle but some revisions failed to be pulled.
// I should start the _changes feed over again, so I can retry all the revisions.
[super retry];
[_changeTracker stop];
[self beginReplicating];
- (void) stopped {
_downloadsToInsert = nil;
[super stopped];
- (BOOL) goOnline {
if ([super goOnline])
return YES;
// If we were already online (i.e. server is reachable) but got a reachability-change event,
// tell the tracker to retry in case it's in retry mode after a transient failure. (I.e. the
// state of the network might be better now.)
if (_running && _online)
[_changeTracker retry];
return NO;
- (BOOL) goOffline {
if (![super goOffline])
return NO;
[_changeTracker stop];
return YES;
// Got a _changes feed response from the TDChangeTracker.
- (void) changeTrackerReceivedChanges: (NSArray*)changes {
LogTo(Sync, @"%@: Received %u changes", self, (unsigned)changes.count);
NSUInteger changeCount = 0;
for (NSDictionary* change in changes) {
@autoreleasepool {
// Process each change from the feed:
id remoteSequenceID = change[@"seq"];
NSString* docID = change[@"id"];
if (!docID || ![TD_Database isValidDocumentID: docID])
BOOL deleted = [change[@"deleted"] isEqual: (id)kCFBooleanTrue];
NSArray* changes = $castIf(NSArray, change[@"changes"]);
for (NSDictionary* changeDict in changes) {
@autoreleasepool {
// Push each revision info to the inbox
NSString* revID = $castIf(NSString, changeDict[@"rev"]);
if (!revID)
TDPulledRevision* rev = [[TDPulledRevision alloc] initWithDocID: docID
revID: revID
deleted: deleted];
// Remember its remote sequence ID (opaque), and make up a numeric sequence
// based on the order in which it appeared in the _changes feed:
rev.remoteSequenceID = remoteSequenceID;
if (changes.count > 1)
rev.conflicted = true;
LogTo(SyncVerbose, @"%@: Received #%@ %@", self, remoteSequenceID, rev);
[self addToInbox: rev];
self.changesTotal += changeCount;
// We can tell we've caught up when the _changes feed returns less than we asked for:
if (!_caughtUp && changes.count < kChangesFeedLimit) {
LogTo(Sync, @"%@: Caught up with changes!", self);
_caughtUp = YES;
if (_continuous)
_changeTracker.mode = kLongPoll;
[self asyncTasksFinished: 1]; // balances -asyncTaskStarted in -beginReplicating
// The change tracker reached EOF or an error.
- (void) changeTrackerStopped:(TDChangeTracker *)tracker {
if (tracker != _changeTracker)
NSError* error = tracker.error;
LogTo(Sync, @"%@: ChangeTracker stopped; error=%@", self, error.description);
_changeTracker = nil;
if (error) {
if (TDIsOfflineError(error))
[self goOffline];
else if (!_error)
self.error = error;
[_batcher flushAll];
if (!_continuous)
[self asyncTasksFinished: 1]; // balances -asyncTaskStarted in -startChangeTracker
if (!_caughtUp)
[self asyncTasksFinished: 1]; // balances -asyncTaskStarted in -beginReplicating
#pragma mark - REVISION CHECKING:
// Process a bunch of remote revisions from the _changes feed at once
- (void) processInbox: (TD_RevisionList*)inbox {
// Ask the local database which of the revs are not known to it:
LogTo(SyncVerbose, @"%@: Looking up %@", self, inbox);
id lastInboxSequence = [inbox.allRevisions.lastObject remoteSequenceID];
NSUInteger total = _changesTotal - inbox.count;
if (![_db findMissingRevisions: inbox]) {
Warn(@"%@ failed to look up local revs", self);
inbox = nil;
if (_changesTotal != total + inbox.count)
self.changesTotal = total + inbox.count;
if (inbox.count == 0) {
// Nothing to do; just count all the revisions as processed.
// Instead of adding and immediately removing the revs to _pendingSequences,
// just do the latest one (equivalent but faster):
LogTo(SyncVerbose, @"%@: no new remote revisions to fetch", self);
SequenceNumber seq = [_pendingSequences addValue: lastInboxSequence];
[_pendingSequences removeSequence: seq];
self.lastSequence = _pendingSequences.checkpointedValue;
LogTo(SyncVerbose, @"%@ queuing remote revisions %@", self, inbox.allRevisions);
// Dump the revs into the queues of revs to pull from the remote db:
unsigned numBulked = 0;
for (TDPulledRevision* rev in inbox.allRevisions) {
if (rev.generation == 1 && !rev.deleted && !rev.conflicted) {
// Optimistically pull 1st-gen revs in bulk:
if (!_bulkRevsToPull)
_bulkRevsToPull = [[NSMutableArray alloc] initWithCapacity: 100];
[_bulkRevsToPull addObject: rev];
} else {
[self queueRemoteRevision: rev];
rev.sequence = [_pendingSequences addValue: rev.remoteSequenceID];
LogTo(Sync, @"%@ queued %u remote revisions from seq=%@ (%u in bulk, %u individually)",
self, (unsigned)inbox.count, ((TDPulledRevision*)inbox[0]).remoteSequenceID,
numBulked, (unsigned)(inbox.count-numBulked));
[self pullRemoteRevisions];
// Add a revision to the appropriate queue of revs to individually GET
- (void) queueRemoteRevision: (TD_Revision*)rev {
if (rev.deleted)
if (!_deletedRevsToPull)
_deletedRevsToPull = [[NSMutableArray alloc] initWithCapacity:100];
[_deletedRevsToPull addObject:rev];
if (!_revsToPull)
_revsToPull = [[NSMutableArray alloc] initWithCapacity:100];
[_revsToPull addObject:rev];
// Start up some HTTP GETs, within our limit on the maximum simultaneous number
- (void) pullRemoteRevisions {
while (_db && _httpConnectionCount < kMaxOpenHTTPConnections) {
NSUInteger nBulk = MIN(_bulkRevsToPull.count, kMaxRevsToGetInBulk);
if (nBulk == 1) {
// Rather than pulling a single revision in 'bulk', just pull it normally:
[self queueRemoteRevision: _bulkRevsToPull[0]];
[_bulkRevsToPull removeObjectAtIndex: 0];
nBulk = 0;
if (nBulk > 0) {
// Prefer to pull bulk revisions:
NSRange r = NSMakeRange(0, nBulk);
[self pullBulkRevisions: [_bulkRevsToPull subarrayWithRange: r]];
[_bulkRevsToPull removeObjectsInRange: r];
} else {
// Prefer to pull an existing revision over a deleted one:
NSMutableArray* queue = _revsToPull;
if (queue.count == 0) {
queue = _deletedRevsToPull;
if (queue.count == 0)
break; // both queues are empty
[self pullRemoteRevision: queue[0]];
[queue removeObjectAtIndex: 0];
// Fetches the contents of a revision from the remote db, including its parent revision ID.
// The contents are stored into
- (void) pullRemoteRevision: (TD_Revision*)rev
[self asyncTaskStarted];
// Construct a query. We want the revision history, and the bodies of attachments that have
// been added since the latest revisions we have locally.
// See:
// See:
NSString* path = $sprintf(@"%@?rev=%@&revs=true&attachments=true",
TDEscapeID(rev.docID), TDEscapeID(rev.revID));
NSArray* knownRevs = [_db getPossibleAncestorRevisionIDs: rev limit: kMaxNumberOfAttsSince];
if (knownRevs.count > 0)
path = [path stringByAppendingFormat: @"&atts_since=%@", joinQuotedEscaped(knownRevs)];
LogTo(SyncVerbose, @"%@: GET %@", self, path);
// Under ARC, using variable dl directly in the block given as an argument to initWithURL:...
// results in compiler error (could be undefined variable)
__weak TDPuller *weakSelf = self;
TDMultipartDownloader *dl;
dl = [[TDMultipartDownloader alloc] initWithURL: TDAppendToURL(_remote, path)
database: _db
requestHeaders: self.requestHeaders
^(TDMultipartDownloader* dl, NSError *error) {
__strong TDPuller *strongSelf = weakSelf;
// OK, now we've got the response revision:
if (error) {
strongSelf.error = error;
[strongSelf revisionFailed];
} else {
TD_Revision* gotRev = [TD_Revision revisionWithProperties: dl.document];
gotRev.sequence = rev.sequence;
// Add to batcher ... eventually it will be fed to -insertRevisions:.
[_downloadsToInsert queueObject: gotRev];
[strongSelf asyncTaskStarted];
// Note that we've finished this task:
[strongSelf removeRemoteRequest:dl];
[strongSelf asyncTasksFinished:1];
// Start another task if there are still revisions waiting to be pulled:
[strongSelf pullRemoteRevisions];
[self addRemoteRequest: dl];
dl.timeoutInterval = self.requestTimeout;
dl.authorizer = _authorizer;
[dl start];
// Get a bunch of revisions in one bulk request.
- (void) pullBulkRevisions: (NSArray*)bulkRevs {
NSUInteger nRevs = bulkRevs.count;
if (nRevs == 0)
LogTo(Sync, @"%@ bulk-fetching %u remote revisions...", self, (unsigned)nRevs);
LogTo(SyncVerbose, @"%@ bulk-fetching remote revisions: %@", self, bulkRevs);
[self asyncTaskStarted];
NSMutableArray* remainingRevs = [bulkRevs mutableCopy];
NSArray* keys = [bulkRevs my_map: ^(TD_Revision* rev) { return rev.docID; }];
[self sendAsyncRequest: @"POST"
path: @"_all_docs?include_docs=true"
body: $dict({@"keys", keys})
onCompletion:^(id result, NSError *error) {
if (error) {
self.error = error;
[self revisionFailed];
self.changesProcessed += bulkRevs.count;
} else {
// Process the resulting rows' documents.
// We only add a document if it doesn't have attachments, and if its
// revID matches the one we asked for.
NSArray* rows = $castIf(NSArray, result[@"rows"]);
LogTo(Sync, @"%@ checking %u bulk-fetched remote revisions",
self, (unsigned)rows.count);
for (NSDictionary* row in rows) {
NSDictionary* doc = $castIf(NSDictionary, row[@"doc"]);
if (doc && !doc[@"_attachments"]) {
TD_Revision* rev = [TD_Revision revisionWithProperties: doc];
NSUInteger pos = [remainingRevs indexOfObject: rev];
if (pos != NSNotFound) {
rev.sequence = [remainingRevs[pos] sequence];
[remainingRevs removeObjectAtIndex: pos];
[_downloadsToInsert queueObject: rev];
[self asyncTaskStarted];
// Any leftover revisions that didn't get matched will be fetched individually:
if (remainingRevs.count) {
LogTo(Sync, @"%@ bulk-fetch didn't work for %u of %u revs; getting individually",
self, (unsigned)remainingRevs.count, (unsigned)nRevs);
for (TD_Revision* rev in remainingRevs)
[self queueRemoteRevision: rev];
[self pullRemoteRevisions];
// Note that we've finished this task:
[self asyncTasksFinished: 1];
// Start another task if there are still revisions waiting to be pulled:
[self pullRemoteRevisions];
// This will be called when _downloadsToInsert fills up:
- (void) insertDownloads:(NSArray *)downloads {
LogTo(SyncVerbose, @"%@ inserting %u revisions...", self, (unsigned)downloads.count);
CFAbsoluteTime time = CFAbsoluteTimeGetCurrent();
[_db beginTransaction];
BOOL success = NO;
downloads = [downloads sortedArrayUsingSelector: @selector(compareSequences:)];
for (TD_Revision* rev in downloads) {
@autoreleasepool {
SequenceNumber fakeSequence = rev.sequence;
NSArray* history = [TD_Database parseCouchDBRevisionHistory:];
if (!history && rev.generation > 1) {
Warn(@"%@: Missing revision history in response for %@", self, rev);
self.error = TDStatusToNSError(kTDStatusUpstreamError, nil);
[self revisionFailed];
LogTo(SyncVerbose, @"%@ inserting %@ %@",
self, rev.docID, [history my_compactDescription]);
// Insert the revision:
int status = [_db forceInsert: rev revisionHistory: history source: _remote];
if (TDStatusIsError(status)) {
if (status == kTDStatusForbidden)
LogTo(Sync, @"%@: Remote rev failed validation: %@", self, rev);
else {
Warn(@"%@ failed to write %@: status=%d", self, rev, status);
[self revisionFailed];
self.error = TDStatusToNSError(status, nil);
// Mark this revision's fake sequence as processed:
[_pendingSequences removeSequence: fakeSequence];
LogTo(SyncVerbose, @"%@ finished inserting %u revisions",
self, (unsigned)downloads.count);
// Checkpoint:
self.lastSequence = _pendingSequences.checkpointedValue;
success = YES;
} @catch (NSException *x) {
MYReportException(x, @"%@: Exception inserting revisions", self);
} @finally {
[_db endTransaction: success];
time = CFAbsoluteTimeGetCurrent() - time;
LogTo(Sync, @"%@ inserted %u revs in %.3f sec (%.1f/sec)",
self, (unsigned)downloads.count, time, downloads.count/time);
[self asyncTasksFinished: downloads.count];
self.changesProcessed += downloads.count;
#pragma mark -
@implementation TDPulledRevision
@synthesize remoteSequenceID=_remoteSequenceID, conflicted=_conflicted;
static NSString* joinQuotedEscaped(NSArray* strings) {
if (strings.count == 0)
return @"[]";
NSString* json = [TDJSON stringWithJSONObject: strings options: 0 error: NULL];
return TDEscapeURLParam(json);