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// TDRemoteRequest.h
// TouchDB
// Created by Jens Alfke on 12/15/11.
// Copyright (c) 2011 Couchbase, Inc. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
@protocol TDAuthorizer;
/** The signature of the completion block called by a TDRemoteRequest.
@param result On success, a 'result' object; by default this is the TDRemoteRequest iself, but subclasses may return something else. On failure, this will likely be nil.
@param error The error, if any, else nil. */
typedef void (^TDRemoteRequestCompletionBlock)(id result, NSError* error);
/** Asynchronous HTTP request; a fairly simple wrapper around NSURLConnection that calls a completion block when ready. */
@interface TDRemoteRequest : NSObject <NSURLConnectionDelegate
#if TARGET_OS_IPHONE || defined(__MAC_10_8)
, NSURLConnectionDataDelegate
NSMutableURLRequest* _request;
id<TDAuthorizer> _authorizer;
TDRemoteRequestCompletionBlock _onCompletion;
NSURLConnection* _connection;
int _status;
UInt8 _retryCount;
bool _dontLog404;
bool _challenged;
/** Creates a request; call -start to send it on its way. */
- (id) initWithMethod: (NSString*)method
URL: (NSURL*)url
body: (id)body
requestHeaders: (NSDictionary *)requestHeaders
onCompletion: (TDRemoteRequestCompletionBlock)onCompletion;
@property NSTimeInterval timeoutInterval;
@property (strong, nonatomic) id<TDAuthorizer>authorizer;
/** In some cases a kTDStatusNotFound Not Found is an expected condition and shouldn't be logged; call this to suppress that log message. */
- (void) dontLog404;
/** Starts a request; when finished, the onCompletion block will be called. */
- (void) start;
/** Stops the request, calling the onCompletion block. */
- (void) stop;
/** JSON-compatible dictionary with status information, to be returned from _activity API */
@property (readonly) NSMutableDictionary* statusInfo;
// protected:
- (void) setupRequest: (NSMutableURLRequest*)request withBody: (id)body;
- (void) clearConnection;
- (void) cancelWithStatus: (int)status;
- (void) respondWithResult: (id)result error: (NSError*)error;
// The value to use for the User-Agent HTTP header.
+ (NSString*) userAgentHeader;
// Shared subroutines to handle NSURLAuthenticationMethodServerTrust challenges
+ (BOOL) checkTrust: (SecTrustRef)trust forHost: (NSString*)host;
/** A request that parses its response body as JSON.
The parsed object will be returned as the first parameter of the completion block. */
@interface TDRemoteJSONRequest : TDRemoteRequest
NSMutableData* _jsonBuffer;