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// TD_Revision.h
// TouchDB
// Created by Jens Alfke on 12/2/11.
// Copyright (c) 2011 Couchbase, Inc. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
@class TD_Body;
/** Database sequence ID */
typedef SInt64 SequenceNumber;
/** Stores information about a revision -- its docID, revID, and whether it's deleted. It can also store the sequence number and document contents (they can be added after creation). */
@interface TD_Revision : NSObject
NSString* _docID, *_revID;
TD_Body* _body;
SequenceNumber _sequence;
bool _deleted;
bool _missing;
- (id) initWithDocID: (NSString*)docID
revID: (NSString*)revID
deleted: (BOOL)deleted;
- (id) initWithBody: (TD_Body*)body;
- (id) initWithProperties: (NSDictionary*)properties;
+ (TD_Revision*) revisionWithProperties: (NSDictionary*)properties;
@property (readonly) NSString* docID;
@property (readonly) NSString* revID;
@property (readonly) bool deleted;
@property bool missing;
@property (strong) TD_Body* body;
@property (copy) NSDictionary* properties;
@property (copy) NSData* asJSON;
- (id) objectForKeyedSubscript: (NSString*)key; // enables subscript access in Xcode 4.4+
@property SequenceNumber sequence;
- (NSComparisonResult) compareSequences: (TD_Revision*)rev;
/** Generation number: 1 for a new document, 2 for the 2nd revision, ...
Extracted from the numeric prefix of the revID. */
@property (readonly) unsigned generation;
+ (unsigned) generationFromRevID: (NSString*)revID;
+ (BOOL) parseRevID: (NSString*)revID
intoGeneration: (int*)outNum
andSuffix: (NSString**)outSuffix;
- (TD_Revision*) copyWithDocID: (NSString*)docID revID: (NSString*)revID;
/** An ordered list of TDRevs. */
@interface TD_RevisionList : NSObject <NSFastEnumeration>
NSMutableArray* _revs;
- (id) init;
- (id) initWithArray: (NSArray*)revs;
@property (readonly) NSUInteger count;
- (TD_Revision*) revWithDocID: (NSString*)docID revID: (NSString*)revID;
- (NSEnumerator*) objectEnumerator;
@property (readonly) NSArray* allRevisions;
@property (readonly) NSArray* allDocIDs;
@property (readonly) NSArray* allRevIDs;
- (TD_Revision*) objectAtIndexedSubscript: (NSUInteger)index; // enables subscript access in XC4.4+
- (void) addRev: (TD_Revision*)rev;
- (void) removeRev: (TD_Revision*)rev;
- (void) limit: (NSUInteger)limit;
- (void) sortBySequence;
/** Compares revision IDs by CouchDB rules: generation number first, then the suffix. */
NSComparisonResult TDCompareRevIDs(NSString* revID1, NSString* revID2);
/** SQLite-compatible collation (comparison) function for revision IDs. */
int TDCollateRevIDs(void *context,
int len1, const void * chars1,
int len2, const void * chars2);
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