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// TD_View.h
// TouchDB
// Created by Jens Alfke on 12/8/11.
// Copyright (c) 2011 Couchbase, Inc. All rights reserved.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import <TouchDB/TD_Database.h>
typedef void (^TDMapEmitBlock)(id key, id value);
/** A "map" function called when a document is to be added to a view.
@param doc The contents of the document being analyzed.
@param emit A block to be called to add a key/value pair to the view. Your block can call it zero, one or multiple times. */
typedef void (^TDMapBlock)(NSDictionary* doc, TDMapEmitBlock emit);
/** A "reduce" function called to summarize the results of a view.
@param keys An array of keys to be reduced (or nil if this is a rereduce).
@param values A parallel array of values to be reduced, corresponding 1::1 with the keys.
@param rereduce YES if the input values are the results of previous reductions.
@return The reduced value; almost always a scalar or small fixed-size object. */
typedef id (^TDReduceBlock)(NSArray* keys, NSArray* values, BOOL rereduce);
/** Standard query options for views. */
typedef struct TDQueryOptions {
__unsafe_unretained id startKey;
__unsafe_unretained id endKey;
__unsafe_unretained NSArray* keys;
unsigned skip;
unsigned limit;
unsigned groupLevel;
TDContentOptions content;
BOOL descending;
BOOL includeDocs;
BOOL updateSeq;
BOOL inclusiveEnd;
BOOL reduce;
BOOL group;
BOOL includeDeletedDocs; // only works with _all_docs, not regular views
} TDQueryOptions;
extern const TDQueryOptions kDefaultTDQueryOptions;
typedef enum {
} TDViewCollation;
/** An external object that knows how to map source code of some sort into executable functions. */
@protocol TDViewCompiler <NSObject>
- (TDMapBlock) compileMapFunction: (NSString*)mapSource language: (NSString*)language;
- (TDReduceBlock) compileReduceFunction: (NSString*)reduceSource language: (NSString*)language;
/** Represents a view available in a database. */
@interface TD_View : NSObject
TD_Database* __weak _db;
NSString* _name;
int _viewID;
TDMapBlock _mapBlock;
TDReduceBlock _reduceBlock;
TDViewCollation _collation;
TDContentOptions _mapContentOptions;
- (void) deleteView;
@property (readonly) TD_Database* database;
@property (readonly) NSString* name;
@property (readonly) TDMapBlock mapBlock;
@property (readonly) TDReduceBlock reduceBlock;
@property TDViewCollation collation;
@property TDContentOptions mapContentOptions;
- (BOOL) setMapBlock: (TDMapBlock)mapBlock
reduceBlock: (TDReduceBlock)reduceBlock
version: (NSString*)version;
/** Compiles a view (using the registered TDViewCompiler) from the properties found in a CouchDB-style design document. */
- (BOOL) compileFromProperties: (NSDictionary*)viewProps;
- (void) removeIndex;
/** Is the view's index currently out of date? */
@property (readonly) BOOL stale;
/** Updates the view's index (incrementally) if necessary.
@return 200 if updated, 304 if already up-to-date, else an error code */
- (TDStatus) updateIndex;
@property (readonly) SequenceNumber lastSequenceIndexed;
/** Queries the view. Does NOT first update the index.
@param options The options to use.
@return An array of result rows -- each is a dictionary with "key" and "value" keys, and possibly "id" and "doc". */
- (NSArray*) queryWithOptions: (const TDQueryOptions*)options
status: (TDStatus*)outStatus;
/** Utility function to use in reduce blocks. Totals an array of NSNumbers. */
+ (NSNumber*) totalValues: (NSArray*)values;
+ (void) setCompiler: (id<TDViewCompiler>)compiler;
+ (id<TDViewCompiler>) compiler;