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If you haven't installed GNUstep yet, first follow the steps in SETUP.txt (which is basically a
shellscript but you might want to run the lines manually.)
Disclaimer: This has only been tested on Ubuntu Linux; YMMV on other platforms. I [Jens] am not a
Linux or GNUstep expert.
There is one small GNUstep patch needed that hasn't made its way upstream yet; you'll find that in
`fix_NSFileManager.patch`. You should apply that to `NSFileManager.m` in the `gnustep-base` source
directory and rebuild.
After that you should be able to cd to the TouchDB directory and enter
make OPTFLAG= debug=yes
to build a debug version of TouchDB including unit tests. The output is "TouchDB.framework".
To run the unit tests, enter
env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:TouchDB.framework/Versions/Current obj/TouchTool Test_All
which just tells the loader where to find the TouchDB library, then starts the TouchTool binary and
tells it to run all the unit tests.
To build a release version (optimized, no unit tests), enter
If you need to debug the GNUstep Base framework, it helps to build and install a non-optimized
version of it. To do that:
cd ~/gnustep-src/gnustep-base
make OPTFLAG= debug=yes
sudo -E make install
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