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@@ -17,7 +17,11 @@ By "_suitable for embedding into mobile apps_", I mean that it meets the followi
And by "_mobile apps_" I'm focusing on iOS and [Android][11], although there's no reason we couldn't extend this to other platforms like Windows Phone. And it's not limited to mobile OSs -- the Objective-C implementation runs on Mac OS as well, and on Linux and other Unix-like OSs via [GNUstep][12].
-More documentation is available on the [wiki][2].
+## More Information
+* There's lots more information on the [wiki][2].
+* There's a "Grocery Sync" [demo app][18] for iOS, that implements a simple shared to-do list.
+* Or if you want to ask questions or get help, join the [mailing list][17].
## Platforms ##
@@ -43,14 +47,16 @@ More documentation is available on the [wiki][2].
## Development Status ##
-TouchDB went beta in June 2012. The current stable release is [version 0.9][16].
+TouchDB went beta in June 2012. The current stable release is beta 3, [version 0.92][16].
We don't have a formal schedule for 1.0, but expect the blessed event by the end of summer.
## Building TouchDB ##
### On a Mac ###
+(You might prefer to just [download][16] the latest stable release. But if you want to build it yourself...)
For full details see the [wiki page][7]. The basic steps are:
1. Clone the TouchDB repository to your local disk.
@@ -76,4 +82,6 @@ Please refer to the files [BUILDING.txt][14] and [SETUP.txt][15] in the `GNUstep

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