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Implement since_seq replication param #117

snej opened this Issue · 3 comments

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CouchDB 1.2 adds a new optional parameter "since_seq:" to the replication JSON settings. Its value is the sequence to start scanning from; this overrides any saved checkpoint set by previous replications. This allows a replication to start over; useful if you've changed the filter or have purged local documents and want to recover them.

TouchDB should implement this. It's useful for scenarios where you want to pull a subset of a big upstream database, but want to change the subset from time to time.

@snej snej was assigned
mz2 commented

+1 for this. Any plans on this?


I'm planning to merge a pull request if anyone implements it :)

mz2 commented

Good answer :) I could give it a spin on the Xmas break, though you might have to clean up after me.

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