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TDPusher needs to be more careful about updating lastSequence #246

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I just looked through the TDPusher code and realized it's not as careful as TDPuller about advancing lastSequence (i.e. checkpointing.) It should advance lastSequence only if every revision in between has been successfully uploaded. But instead when a revision (or group) is uploaded, it advances lastSequence to that sequence, even though it might not be going strictly in order.

It should be using something like the TDSequenceMap that TDPuller uses. (It can probably get away with using just an NSIndexSet instead, since the sequence IDs it's dealing with are just integers.)

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Replication can miss documents #56

@snej snej closed this issue from a commit
@snej snej Make TDPusher more careful abut bumping the checkpoint
It now works similarly to the puller, using an NSIndexSet to keep track of which sequences haven't
yet been uploaded, and only advancing the checkpoint to just before the first sequence in the set.
This will fix possible edge cases/race conditions where the checkpoint may have been advanced too
optimistically, causing a doc that failed to be pushed once to never be retried. (Fixes #246)
@snej snej closed this in 9c9c730
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Pusher needs to be more careful about updating lastSequence #95

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