port over commit affa8d75a25f4ca0090e4651001bd1e70823ec5d from couchbase... #283

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... lite ios


snej commented Oct 31, 2013

If you port this over you should also port commit e6bbb23e14e9 which fixes a few issues resulting from this. There are a few SQL queries that will have different syntax every time they're run because they have to include variable text like document IDs. If these get cached, they'll stay around and leak memory because they're almost certainly not going to be reused. So look at e6bbb23e14e9 and cherry-pick the bits that turn shouldCacheStatements off and back on.

cherry pick e6bbb23e14e9 from couchbaselite-ios
per Jen's suggestion, cherry pick e6bbb23e14e9 from couchbaselite-ios

dont' know what to do around the getAllDocs method since it look very different from TouchDB. Would like some input on what to do there.


snej commented Nov 1, 2013

Well, you just need to notice if the query is going to have stuff like doc or revision IDs encoded directly in the SQL, and in that case turn off the caching while running that query.

finish porting over
put in code for getAllDocs

@snej snej closed this Sep 29, 2015

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