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Couchbase PHP Beer-Sample Application

This sample application demonstrates the usage of the Couchbase PHP SDK 1.1 in combination with the Couchbase Server 2.0 release.

The official tutorial belonging to this application can be found here.

It is a very simple web application that should show off the basics on how to interact with Couchbase Server 2.0 on both key-based and view-based operations.


Please make sure to have PHP 5.3 and Composer available. You also need to have the Couchbase Extension (Version 1.1 or higher) installed.


Clone the application (or follow along in the tutorial), and run

php composer.phar install

Make sure to clone the application inside the /beersample-php subdirectory of the WEBROOT, because otherwise you need to change all the absolute links in there as well.


The application should be able to run out of the box if you have the beer-sample dataset installed and Couchbase Server 2.0 is running on your local machine. You can tune the settings on top of the index.php file:

define("SILEX_DEBUG", true);
define("COUCHBASE_HOSTS", "");
define("COUCHBASE_BUCKET", "beer-sample");
define("INDEX_DISPLAY_LIMIT", 20);

Have fun!

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