*THIS PROJECT HAS MOVED* from couchbaselabs TO: https://github.com/couchbase/cbft -- no further development will be done here on couchbaselabs/cbft
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CHANGES.md v0.3.1 Sep 21, 2015
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ns_server.go add feed stats Jul 29, 2015
ns_server_test.go add handlers for requests made by ns_server Jul 28, 2015
pindex_alias.go shorter file names Jun 26, 2015
pindex_bleve.go configurable bleve index type (ex: firestorm, upside_down) Sep 24, 2015
pindex_bleve_test.go shorter file names Jun 26, 2015
remote.go major refactoring into separate cbgt library Jun 20, 2015
remote_test.go renamed PIndexClient to IndexClient for generic'trification Feb 10, 2015
rest.go cbft_docs uses NewRESTRouter() Jun 23, 2015



Couchbase Full Text server

The cbft project integrates the bleve full-text search engine and Couchbase Server.

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A cbft process creates and maintains full-text indexes using the bleve full-text indexing engine.

Data sources for indexing include Couchbase 3.0+ and Couchbase 4.0+ buckets.

Full-text indexes can be optionally partitioned across multiple cbft processes.

Queries on a cbft index will be scatter/gather'ed across the relevant, distributed cbft processes.


Getting started and documentation

Please see the getting started guide for cbft, available at http://labs.couchbase.com/cbft.

For developers / contributors

Please see the README for developers