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Sample Beers...with Couchbase
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Beernique - Sample Beers...with Couchbase!

Beernique is a sample PHP application using the dataset (which we ship with Couchbase 2.0) and our PHP SDK.

Beernique lets you track what beers you've sampled as you sample them!


  1. cd /to/your/htdocs (or equivalent)
  2. git clone
  3. git submodule init
  4. git submodule update
  5. get a copy of Couchbase Server 1.8.0 (or greater).
  6. http://localhost:8091/
  7. Setup Couchbase Server the way you'd like
  8. Make a beer-sample bucket
  9. Do the following where you cloned this repo:

    $ php import.php

  10. Visit http://localhost/couchbase-beers (or wherever you put the repo)

  11. Enjoy!

Open Source License

Couchbase Beers is released under the MIT public license.

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