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Couchbase on HP Cloud Services

This page covers the instructions of installing a single node Couchbase Server on the HP Cloud Services (HPCS) compute infrastructure.

The steps...

Add a Security Group

Create a new Security Group for demo purposes...

  • Example Name: "couchbase demo".
  • Example Description: "ports opened for remote couchbase access for demos; not for production usage".

Add Rules...

IP Protocol / From Port / To Port / Type / CDIR IPS  / Group / Comments
tcp         / 22        / 22      / IPs  / /       / for ssh
tcp         / 8091      / 8091    / IPs  / /       / for HTTP/REST access
tcp         / 11211     / 11211   / IPs  / /       / for memcached ascii protocol access

Don't forget to 'Save Changes'.

Create a Server

For example...

  • Flavor: "standard.large - 4 cCPU / 8GB RAM / 240 GB HD"
  • Security Group: "couchbase demo" (the Security Group you previously created
  • Install Image: "Linux" / "CentOS 5.8 Server 64-bit ..."

Be patient as the Server launch might take a few minutes.

SSH into the Server

For example, if the Server launched with a public address of, then...

$ ssh -i $YOUR_SSH_KEY root@

Install Couchbase Server

You can get the latest Couchbase Server software packages from...

For example, we'll use...

In your SSH session, use...

$ wget
$ rpm -i couchbase-server-enterprise_2.2.0_x86_64_openssl098.rpm

Here's an example...

[root@test0 tmp]# wget
--2013-10-19 01:38:06--
Connecting to||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 130662856 (125M) [application/x-redhat-package-manager]
Saving to: `couchbase-server-enterprise_2.2.0_x86_64_openssl098.rpm'

100%[============================================================================================================================>] 130,662,856 3.32M/s   in 38s

2013-10-19 01:38:44 (3.32 MB/s) - `couchbase-server-enterprise_2.2.0_x86_64_openssl098.rpm' saved [130662856/130662856]

[root@test0 tmp]# rpm -i couchbase-server-enterprise_2.2.0_x86_64_openssl098.rpm
Minimum RAM required  : 4 GB
System RAM configured : 8181668 kB

Minimum number of processors required : 4 cores
Number of processors on the system    : 4 cores

Starting couchbase-server[  OK  ]

You have successfully installed Couchbase Server.
Please browse to http://test0:8091/ to configure your server.
Please refer to for additional resources.

Please note that you have to update your firewall configuration to
allow connections to the following ports: 11211, 11210, 11209, 4369,
8091, 8092 and from 21100 to 21299.

By using this software you agree to the End User License Agreement.
See /opt/couchbase/LICENSE.txt.

Configure Your Couchbase Server

Point your web browser at...


For example...

And follow the steps in the web-based setup screens to complete your Couchbase Server configuration.

If you configured a "default" bucket (recommended, especially for demos), you can use memcachetest to put a test workload on your Couchbase Server, using...

$ /opt/couchbase/bin/memcachetest -l

There are lots of useful monitoring graphs in the Couchbase Server web U/I. Be sure to check them out.

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