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Latest commit 59f431c Aug 15, 2017 @daverigby daverigby Add support for per-filehandle statistics
Add a new function to the couchstore public API -
couchstore_get_db_filestats(). This returns an optional FHStats
interface which callers can use to obtain statistics about the
underlying file handle.

The FHStats interface initially supports two methods:

- getReadCount() to return the number of read() calls on this handle.
- getWriteCount() to return the nubmer of write() calls.

These is needed by kv_engine as it wants to obtain statistics on a
per-file basis, as recorded by StatsOps (couch-fs-stats.h).

Note that the included FileOps implementations in couchstore to *not*
suppport this API currently; one would need to use ep-engine's StatOps
to make use of them. However it may be advantageous to move some of
the stats tracking directly into couchstore in future.

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Couchbase (.couch) storage file C library

Currently this library can only be built as part of Couchbase Server due to dependencies on the Couchbase Platform Library and Couchbase Server CMake project. For instructions on building Couchbase Server, see the Manifest Repository.


  1. make test

This will run the native tests, and also the Lua tests if Lua was installed at the time the configure script ran.

Tests use the CMake CTest system, and the ctest command can be used to run invidual tests and print verbose output.