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Fix a small bug where we trying to free NULL-ptr for root tree

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1 parent fe1f916 commit ced33db764ff35e0bd35754391814e29602f4233 @jinlim jinlim committed Feb 23, 2012
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@@ -950,7 +950,8 @@ int save_local_doc(Db* db, LocalDoc* lDoc)
new_local_docs_root = modify_btree(&rq, db->header.local_docs_root, &errcode);
if(errcode == 0 && new_local_docs_root != db->header.local_docs_root)
- free(db->header.local_docs_root);
+ if (db->header.local_docs_root)
+ free(db->header.local_docs_root);
dustin added a note Mar 3, 2012

This doesn't actually change anything, free(NULL) is defined to be a NOOP.

Was there an actual bug here? Can we get a test that demonstrates it?

jinlim added a note Mar 3, 2012
dustin added a note Mar 3, 2012

On what platform? POSIX defines free(NULL) behavior, so you were perhaps looking in the wrong place.

See the specification or just try it (also valid C++)

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db->header.local_docs_root = new_local_docs_root;

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