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I followed this example:

Creating an index called "merchants_v1" and an alias to that index called "merchants" on ElasticSearch.

When I attempt to setup replication between Couchbase and ElasticSearch, I get the following error:

Attention - Bucket merchants not found.

It works, naturally, if no alias is used and I directly reference the index (i.e., merchants_v1).

This would be a very good feature to support as it would enable changes to mapping with zero downtime as the blog post hints at.

Thank you.



mschoch commented Oct 24, 2013

I use index aliases in Elasticsearch with the Couchbase plugin for our cbugg project. And I haven't run into any issues.

I'm not running all the latest code, so its possible something has broken. Can you verify the alias is working correctly outside of the plugin?

Also, supply the output of the following:

  1. curl http://localhost:9200/_aliases

That will list the indexes and aliases registered in ES

  1. curl -uAdministrator:password http://localhost:9091/pools/default/buckets

Replacing password with your actual password. This will list what indexes the plugin sees, which should include the aliases...


Thank you for your reply.

Couchbase 2.2.0 (Enterprise Edition)
ElasticSearch 0.90.5

 curl http://localhost:9200/_aliases

Which implies that the merchants_green index on my ElasticSearch node has been created and now an aliasas of "merchants" points to this index.

In Couchbase, I went to XDCR, Create Replication:

Cluster: this cluster
Bucket: merchants

Cluster: ElasticSearch
Bucket: merchants (i.e., the alias)

Clicked on Replicate, got this error "Attention - Bucket merchants not found."

The results from the default/buckets list is this:

    "uri": "/pools/default/buckets/default?bucket_uuid=00000000000000000000000000000000",
    "uuid": "00000000000000000000000000000000",
    "vBucketServerMap": {
      "serverList": [
    "name": "merchants_green",
    "nodes": [
        "hostname": "",
        "couchApiBase": "",
        "ports": {
          "direct": 9091
    "bucketType": "membase",
    "saslPassword": "", 
    "bucketCapabilities": [

Doesn't seemed to have picked up the alias...that's my interperation :-)


xeodou commented Jan 27, 2014

Any updated here?

mschoch closed this in e48b608 Mar 31, 2014

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