Attention - Failed to grab remote bucket info from any of known nodes #3

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I was a elasticsearch couchbase integration post and try to follow the post, but when I click on "Create Replication" on couchbase console, I always got "Attention - Failed to grab remote bucket info from any of known nodes" error message and no documents on the elasticsearch side.

Does this plug-in only work for couchbase 2.0 beta? Or there is some step missing on that post?


mschoch commented Feb 4, 2013

What version of Elasticsearch were you using? This error most commonly occurs when using a version that we're not compatible with.


I just installed Couchbase 2.2 and wanted to replicate to elacticsearch 90.2. or 90.3 This is not working ik say's
"Attention - Failed to grab remote bucket" when i look in the error log it says

[ns_server:error,2013-09-16T11:05:01.786,ns_1@cl-node3.xxxxxxxxxx.local:remote_clusters_info<0.658.0>:remote_clusters_info:handle_info:390]Failed to grab remote bucket beer-sample: {error,
<<"(bucket password) missing field saslPassword">>}

In 2.1.1 everything worked fine.

the couchbase plugin version is 1.1.0

I tried to fill in an buckes password. but no luck.

Can anyone please help me how to solve this.

I was able to solve my problem:
#18 (comment)


mschoch commented Oct 10, 2013

Never heard back from the original issue filer. Latest release should resolve problems with other follow-up posts. Please reopen if you still have the same problem with the latest releases.

The latest official release (1.2.0) is now compatible with Couchbase Server 2.2.0.


mschoch closed this Oct 10, 2013

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